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  1. Hi Fabrice, I am afraid I am unable to advise you from a professional perspective, as I have no investments in the area, however I am certainly happy to point out some of the nicer areas as a local resident. You can't go too far wrong, however I would avoid Park Barn (probably too far away from the station to be of interest to you in the first place). Some of the areas to the North of the Station, such as The Chase, can be a bit studenty. You would probably fare better by sussing out flats near Waitrose; close to both the high street and the station and the area will probably only
  2. Hi Steven, Stress testing to 8% interest rate was a recommendation by one of the brokers I’ve spoken to and it made perfect sense to me as a criteria because if it does stress test then the initial net yield should be pretty good in the first place. The difficulty is finding properties that do stress test! I’ll be putting down a 25% deposit. Although none of this can start until sell my house! If I sell for the price I want, I should be able to cash buy, renovate and then mortgage, which would give me the opportunity to recycle some of my cash straight away but unfort
  3. My own home has been on the market for a while. If it sells before March then I shall have around £40k available to spend when it’s sold so looking for houses around £120k, which opens up around Manchester for me. If if it doesn’t sell, I can remortgage in March and have around £17-18k available to spend, which would mean looking for a house that needs a bit of work but in an area with good growth potential for about £45k, so I have money left for fees, refurb, etc. In terms of yield, I need enough to ensure that on a 75% mortgage I can stress test to 8% interest and not be out of
  4. I would be very interested in talking to anyone who has experience of flipping properties around the Guildford area (10 mile radius). As per Rob’s suggestion, I’m happy to buy lunch for anyone with experience who would be happy to talk about their successes! Thanks, Charlotte
  5. Hi Ash, i was just just wondering how you’re getting on with your plans? I’m based in Guildford and looking for people with experience of buying to sell in the local area - I was wondering if that was an area you had ventured into and if so, any advice would be very grateful received! Cheers, Charlotte
  6. Hi Steven, i am a Surrey based newbie and also looking to invest in Manchester so thought it was worth saying hi. Do you ever come to the meet ups? Some of the Farnham guys invest in the North West so worth coming. My budget will be smaller than yours and so there may be other areas you can consider however for long term growth potential I am looking at Wythenshawe for a BTL. The yield is pretty good although I haven’t found a property for around the £110k mark that will stress test to an 8% interest without me having to pay out each month and that is one of my main cr
  7. Dear all, I would be very grateful for any advice. I want to invest for myself and am currently trying to sell my house in order to start the process. However in the meantime, I want to help my mum make the most of her investment money. She is currently investing just over £150k with HSBC and receiving around £400 a month. I am convinced I could get her an income of closer to £1000 a month (i.e. net 8% yield). So, my criteria is this: High priority High yield (target net 8%) House in good shape when purchased (i.e. no structural work, minimum cosmetic imp
  8. Roger, it is possible you completely misunderstood my question, however having visited your site, it is no way relevant as I am not looking to buy property in Beverley Hills. Thanks for responding anyway.
  9. Is there a way of finding out the property increase rate in a specific area (or even street) year on year, as opposed to the zoopla data, which jumps from 10 to 20 years? I'd be looking to use this in my justification of a low offer where no improvements have been made to a property since it was purchased. TIA
  10. Dear all, I’m currently looking into a small development opportunity around the Littlehampton area - can anyone recommend a good and reliable builder? TIA Charlotte
  11. I'd be interested in answers to this too. TIA Charlotte
  12. Hi Jo, That was an incredibly helpful response, thank you! I wish you the best of luck with your meeting next week - I'd love to know how you get on. All the best, Charlotte
  13. Hi Darren, i suspect my targets and strategies will will change as I learn more - I was looking at BTLs on Rightmove in Lancaster last night and whilst I'm confident in the yields I can get there, my ROI calculations seem to reach a maximum of 3%. I'm nowhere near the stage of purchasing yet but will keep practising inputting the figures for various parts of the country until I find an area that seems to have more properties that will get me the return I'm looking for - ideally 10%+. In in the meantime I am very much inclined to agree with you about focusing on buildin
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