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  1. sorry for the late reply thank you for the post... managed to find out that the property is owned by an individual who is keeping it for his grandchildren
  2. Hi All There is an empty house on my road for a number of years. I have managed to get info of the owner via land registry site but that is all the information I have at the moment. What I would like to do is purchase the property and either FLIP it or even rent it out. Can anyone advise what is the best way to go on about speaking to the owner (and how to find them) and also about purchasing it off them. Thanks in advance
  3. HI All Need some advice about a potential property move... My wife's parents who live near us are planning on moving abroad post their retirement in the next few years... they have roughly 80k left to pay on the property... What I want to know if the following; Property A: Their property is worth about 500k (ish) they have about 80k to pay off the mortgage. Is it possible for the to sell the property to her or transfer it to her name so she will brunt the outstanding mortgage? She does not have a property to her name but I do (our residence).
  4. Hi All I am looking to start into property investment and have roughly 30-40k to invest with At the moment I am investing alone but possibly will have 1/2 friends who we will join up as a JV. If I am looking to do by myself (which is on the cards at the moment) I am thinking of making a purchase in either Manchester or West Midlands I have seen some properties which are perfect for BTL (short journey into city centre or main station) and in some cases can see the potential for a HMO Just thinking the kind of strategy to take... either BTL or HMO
  5. Thanks for your reply Greg. Have been listening to the podcasts which have been very helpful and been reading through a lot of posts on the forum which have given a clear insight into property investing.
  6. Hi All Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Deeps and recently signed up to the site. Wanting to get into property investment for a number of years but now have taken the steps to do so. Attended a "course" taster recently which opened my eyes to the investing world, but thankfully after reading posts on here and other sites did not really opt for the package which would make me a millionaire in the matter of months. Saying that it was interesting to see the different kind of avenues to take into property investments... Have not panned out a strate
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