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  1. Debbie your a legend, thanks :-)
  2. Hi guys, Appreciate this question highlights my completely amateur approach, but while I have only one property, I am attempting to complete this myself so as not to eat into the already small margins. Again, the naivety of this question is a little embarrassing. When completing the total rents section, do I already deduct the allowances for mortgage interest, etc? Any support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi all, I'd be interested to hear other people's views and experiences in relation to DTV leafleting. I have read a bit about it but I would be interested to hear stories from "real" people. Some questions that I would be interested in hearing answered- Are they effective in most areas or more so severely deprived? What type of detail people used on their leaflets? Did you manage to close any deals? How did you convert any leads that you generated? Approximately how many leads per leaflet did you generate? How often did you send them and how many per time? Any other thoughts and feedback would also be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  4. Interesting point Julian, are you basically saying that the deals that you look for are essentially already a bargain at asking price (I presume because of the value you believe you could add?). BTW, 2nd bid rejected. I am going to leave that one now and re-visit in a few weeks.
  5. Just downloaded that, I'll give it a listen, cheers. I have made 3 offers since starting this thread, 2 have been refused, I have increased one offer and I am awaiting a response. Thanks all for the advice.
  6. Thnks Haf1963. I need to start throwing some offers in!
  7. Thanks Darren. Would you or others say that you should probably be offering on the majority of properties that you view as I suppose every single one "stacks up" at the right price? To answer your question, I got my first one last November, good yield but only a small equity gain upfront. I have been in a position to purchase a 2nd for around 2-3 months now and have viewed plenty of properties but only placed a handful of offers. This is definitely where I am struggling/going wrong.
  8. Thanks Derek. So essentially, if the area is exceeded those values, tread with caution. What if they are slightly below and in some cases just about level, would you see that as a positive? That's the situation in the area that I am looking.
  9. Hi, Interested in others thoughts on this. I'm struggling with the etiquette (if there is one) around placing offers. I am viewing a mixture of terraces from those that require full refurbs to ready to move in and everything in between. I am being a bit "gun shy" about placing offers as I feel like they may be seen as naive. All the houses that I am looking at offer good rental yields but I am also looking for an equity gain at the point of purchase of 8%+ (of the perceived refurbished value, where a refurb is required). I am using a spreadsheet for all of these calculations. The problem is that I feel like my offers will literally be pointless as the number is always so far below asking price. I'd be interested in others opinions on whether my 8%+ equity gain is achievable or over ambitious and what other people purchasing similar properties (for let) are looking for in terms of initial equity gains. As always, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  10. Found this post really helpful. Can anyone explain the relevance of the below point please? If prices are close to the 2007 prices, is that a negative and if so why? Thanks. 5. Look at address sold house price and local sold house prices. Also compare the current prices to the 2007 values to see whether it has a lot more to grow.
  11. Thanks for the quick response Darren! Opened my eyes a little bit there mate and will most certainly reduce the bid that I was planning. Phew!
  12. Hi all, I am looking at placing an offer on a terrace in need of considerable work (in relation to my experience and knowledge) and was hoping I could get some steer on potential costs. Appreciate these would be very rough but it would still be a big support. The house is a basic 2 up, 2 down and appears to need the following- New front and back door New windows Re-plastering Full re-wire and new fittings throughout New bathroom (basic spec) New kitchen (basic spec) Carpets/flooring throughout Decorating throughout New boiler and heating system New doors and arhcitraves Any guides on individual costs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark