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  1. In that case, email me at. Just set it up and will shut it back down again when I have your email address.
  2. It's a small world indeed! Great to hear you're keen. Any chance you could send me your email via a personal message on this site and I'll send you the details? Sorry I'm on the move at the moment and can't figure out at the moment how to personal messages myself...
  3. Hi Tim Read your post with interest. I’m a BTL investor in both London (4 properties) and Leicester (4 but shortly to be 5 – see below). My strategy in Leicester is city centre flats, which are still trading at 2002/2003 prices and can be let to post grad students at gross yields of around 10%. The next step for me in the first half of this year is to buy a small block of flats (5-10 units) in Leicester. I've not found a deal yet, but when I do it’s likely I’ll need to work with someone who is ‘time rich’ and living in the area to help. Depending on what you’re looking to get
  4. Hi Following the summer budget bombshell, like a lot of people I’m now considering buying my next investment property through a limited company using a mortgage. I've been trying to pick my way through the pros and cons for me personally, especially the tax implications which is of course why I'd be doing it in the first place! I’m going to speak to an accountant in due course (never used one before) but it would be really good to know if I’m generally on the right track before I do. To this end I have a question about the most tax efficient way to put the company in funds for the dep
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