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  1. Looks good to me. Great ROI if it pans out like this. My only question would be is it worth the effort for a rental of converting the attic in terms of extra rent you will get?
  2. Hi hubbers! Long time lurker, first time poster! I have two BTLs and am currently purchasing a third. I love rolling up my sleeves and doing the light refurb work and seeing the extra value offering slightly better than the market can give you and having the pick of tenants. But I want to take the next step and go deeper into more total or in-depth renovations following the BRRR method. Due to finances I will not be able to get into seriously until next year so I want to take the time this year to deep dive into researching the subject. I want to know if anyone can recommend any good resources for learning about all elements of the physical refurb, if say, you were going back to bricks and reconfiguring a place - so from picking the right property and redesigning the floor plan all the way through to interior design mastery, and everything in between... Books, courses, (maybe podcasts but unlikely to have the level of detail IMHO) Many thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers you can give.
  3. Isn't there a proverb/anecdote about one 'yes' being worth 99 'nos' and being thankful for every no as it takes you one step closer to a yes? ;-) Anyway, if your stacking is good enough, the idea, IMHO, is that the properties you are offering on are already good deals anyway so any discount you get is the cherry on the cake. Maybe revisit your stacking process so that you only focusing on the ones that give you the equity gain at asking?
  4. Hi George, know this is a really old thread but I am looking for insight into Wigan market and would love to chat if you are still involved in this market. Appreciate it.
  5. Hi everyone, We are looking to sell a property in Bedminster and so far we are not convinced by our agent's efforts and might be looking to switch. Does anyone have any recommendations for a more proactive member of the species who has good local knowledge? TIA!
  6. Hi, There is an excellent calculator on the Telegraph website that lets you assess your situation and how it will change come 2020. Not at computer right now to find it, but will check back later when I am. Julian
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