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  1. Hi Tom, no I didn't find a fitter in the end - I did it myself as I felt I could control the upheaval better as a have a young family. I have had experience with a number of trades but I could only recommend a plaster out of all of them. Happy to pass on name but he does get busy though. As for advice on the area - I don't invest in Leicester (but do live there) as it seems there is a lot of competition for property and over-supply in some places, but this is just my opinion. I invest further North in smaller areas. Good luck with your investments. Ash
  2. I'm in need of a bathroom fitter for my house south of Leicester. I know there are mybuilder.com type websites, but I've used them before and had mixed results. I'm just after someone solid who won't mess me about and do a good job. Thanks!
  3. Hi Lucy - I'm looking at buying in Derby at the moment. Just wondered if you made an investment? Regards, Ash
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