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  1. Dear Hubbers HI, I'm a HMO newbie and grateful for your advice. I've got a 6 bed HMO , 2 storey in the works . All bills will be included. I've got myself a bit confused with the type of thermostat arrangement to set up. Should I just have a single thermostat in a communal area , one on each floor or one in each room ( super pricey to set up) I'd really appreciate advice on how to keep bills down whilst making sure everyone is comfortable . Having a thermostat in each room seems like the most comprehensive solution but its the most costly. Any advice o
  2. HI, hoping for a little advice. I'm buying a 3 bed semi in the SE which is in great condition and because the area ( Didcot) has a pretty buoyant market, I'm buying at full market value . I'm planning on doing about 15K of work to create a 5 bed HMO ( 2 single rooms, and 3 doubles). Its location is the most important factor in its desirability as its really close to the trainline serving London. The area has decent demand- its a market town but there is ready employment from 2 science and industrial parks and a new shopping centre which is being built
  3. HI All, I'm an Oxfordshire-based property investor with a few years of straight forward buy to let investment behind me. If you're interested in someone to help analyse your investment, I'm happy to help as I'm very comfortable with numbers. I'm keen to connect with folk you know are property sourcers in the area or simply those who are active investors who are happy to share their stories with this newbie. My aspiration is to get into purchase and refurbishment of HMOs in the Oxfordshire region but also properties in growth areas out of this region. All good wish
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