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    Hull, Yorkshire, Leeds
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    Founder and owner of Hull House Group, a Yorkshire based property Investment, Maintenance and Development company. Background in Construction / Development now focussing my skills on my passion.
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    Single lets, Mixed Use, Commercial, Land Development, Regeneration, Charachter Property,
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    Project Management, Deal Sourcing, Investment Managent, Construction, Risk Management
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    - Make Hull the Happiest Place to Live by focussing investment on targetted regeneration.
    - Achieve life and work freedom
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    Outside of property, I work on properties!

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  1. Hi Mason, Thank you for your message - I've mailed you directly : ) Steve
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for your message - would be great to share experiences. Where abouts are you based in Leeds? Steve
  3. Hi Barry / Chris, Thank you for your messages - really keen to follow up and I have dropped you both an email. With regards the spreadsheet, I've attached a copy of the sheet for your info. It's really a culmination of various sources of data sheets but it works for me. Only edit the blue cells but leave the yellow (these are your outurn costs). I've left some example properties in there but you can write over them and add your own examples. Basically, you should be able to plug any property and it will spit out deposit requirement, insurance, yields etc! Ju
  4. Hi Naj, thanks for or reaching out! I've dropped you a message just now. I'd love to find out more and share our views on the area regards steve
  5. Just for fun....I've dropped the 18 Year property Cycle (specifcally for Yorkshire & The Humber) on to a graph. Message me if you want the raw spreadsheet It has the peak of the next boom coming out at Quater 3 - 2025
  6. Hi Tony, Thanks for your message - I've dropped you an email now All the best Steve
  7. Hi Simon, Thanks for getting in touch! As you say, always good to chat - I've found some of the most useful conversations and learning I've experienced has been from chance conversations! So are you looking to make your step into investment? Steve
  8. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums here on Property Hub so I've come late to the party on this thread after a search for 'Hull. Not sure if you are still active but I would also be happy to share any thoughts etc on the area. I have several properties in the area. Regards Steve
  9. Hi Steve, I'm new to the forum area so I only just noticed your post from a while back and just wondered if you were still looking. I'd be happy to share some thoughts with you if you are still interested in the area All the best Steve
  10. Hi, My name is Steve and I've been an active subscriber of all things property hub for the past few years. I have always been interested in property and earlier this year decided to take the plunge full time to focus on my passion - leaving behind a decent career in construction. I live in Leeds but my focus and business activities are in Hull, East Yorkshire and I'm interested in discussing the market with anyone with an interest in the area. I'd love to speak to new investors who are interested in making the jump themselves, experienced investors with inte
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