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  1. Hi all, Reaching out to the community as I am in need of a reliable Housekeeping Company for my Serviced Accommodation business based in Southmead/ Westbury-on-Trym area of Bristol. No one man bands please as I need flexibility and reliable cover if one person can't make it for whatever reason and needs to be able and willing to do bed changes, inventory checks etc.... Thanks in advance David
  2. Hi all, I hope you're making good progress in your property journeys. I'm doing a double storey side extension to one of my properties and trying to work out the pros and cons of leaving/ not leaving side access to the enclosed rear garden. It's a fairly small gravelled rear garden. Is it better overall to have the extra space in the extension with no side access or have less space in the extension with side access left available? I would love to hear your arguments for and against.
  3. Anyone have experience with title splitting? First off when converting house to 2 flats/ maisonettes do I legally have to title split if I am not planning to sell and keep them as SA/ rental units.And if I do is it expensive?
  4. Hi Sathya, I would definitely do a lot more digging before committing to buying. Ask all the surrounding neighbours about the house. Also I would be tempted to investigate the derelict house. If you can trace the owners you may be able to get a really good below market value deal on it even after refurbishment costs. David
  5. Hi Martin, I've been looking into deal packaging myself. As far as I know you need to be registered with the ICO - Information Commissioner's Office. You also need £100,000 of indemnity insurance to join the property Ombudsman David
  6. Hi Stinky, I bought one in August last year in Bristol area and so far have had no drawbacks. It's great as there's income coming in straight away. Mine was in tip top condition and needed nothing doing to it. (I suppose that's a drawback if you want to refurbish/ extend if you want to add value straight away). Just need to make sure you cover yourself by getting a good record of the state of the place and inventory done of when you took over. Usually tenants in situ also tend to be the better longer term ones as well who are more likely to keep the place in good condition and stick around for a while. Anyway, good luck David
  7. Just to add, any costs relating to a re-mortgage and not the purchase are tax deductable and can be offset against any profits as far as I know.