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  1. Hi. Just bought our first property in a limited company. Significant refurb required, but I’m (reasonably) confident that the numbers stack up for a single let strategy. However, the property is in Coalbrookdale, part of the Ironbridge world heritage site. Holiday rental demand is high, and pretty much year round. Next door is run as Air BnB, as is the house 3 or 4 down the road, with very low void periods. Our mortgage broker says he’s familiar with BTL and limited companies, but is pretty negative about getting a mortgage for serviced accommodation. Can anyone recomme
  2. Hi, we are in a very similar position, but have come up with a different solution. My daughter has an inheritance that we are currently “looking after”. She has just started as a medical student ( 5 year course) at Nottingham. There are two building societies that will lend to students IN THEIR OWN NAME if they live in the property and let out rooms to friends. Loughborough and Bath building societies. It’s kind of a hybrid between a residential mortgage and a BTL as it’s assessed on the rental income, but the mortgage holder has to live there too. Unsurprisingly it has to be backe
  3. Hi. am buying a property in Lenton. Can anyone recommend a surveyor in Nottingham?
  4. Hi All Adrian here from Telford just getting in to property, with my wife Yvonne. Been reading loads, and working my way through both property podcast and property geek instalments. I have no background in property ( I am an orthopaedic surgeon!) but I am definitely getting geeky over all of this. Yvonne and I have both bought and sold our own houses, I have lived in rented accommodation during my “junior doctor years”, and Yvonne has experience of refurbing a pub. From the pub she also has useful contacts for builders, plumbers, sparks etc Biggest fear: getting the
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