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  1. Here is a nice article from a fellow hubber: https://propertyworkshop.com/property-investment/property-refurbishment/
  2. It depends on your goals and the potential for capital growth in the property also.
  3. I'm looking at travelling twice a year for 3 months a time. Would a management company be open to taking over management of rental properties for a short period on a pay-as-you-go type basis? Or would people just recommend trying to manage the property while abroad?
  4. The suites on offer through LNPG partners are all more premium products than I felt necessary. In the end I got a cracking deal through soak.com on eBay with a 10 or 20% code ebay provided. Delivery can be hit or miss, so buyer must check everything before fitters come.
  5. 4+3=7%, what the capital growth will be on a project showing 7% rental yield is less clear. Are people getting 10% total yield? I don't think so, but I'm sure some will claim this.
  6. But Thomas, would the overall plan be greatest by going for two properties with good capital appreciation and good yield, rather than taking one property with great capital growth and one with great rental yield? I don't think >7% is easily found for either, whereas a rental yield of 4% and capital growth of 3% sounds feasible.
  7. I have no taxable income, property will be the only income, so I don't envision going into the 40% tax band at any point.
  8. Using a local example from Rightmove in my spreadsheet and I'm wondering at what point I should be pulling a trigger on a deal? What return on capital invested (ROCI) is good enough? My plan is to buy 3 properties in 3 years, using a strategy of: buy cash, refurb, refinance at 60% LTV on interest only, then let and hold for 10+ years. I'm looking for some capital growth (to refinance down the line, not sell) but ultimately my goal is £15k/year profit.
  9. How and what mortgage did/would you get on this property? With no income.
  10. Well done for looking into your options so quickly. But why is this house an opportunity you can not miss? The only immediate gain I see is that you avoid some moving/buying fees. Sell it and you get £95k cash? Keep it and own a £250k house for £140k mortgage? Which is £110k equity?
  11. Where does the £3k/month figure come from? Is there any difference to a figure of £2083/month?
  12. Are you saying buy, move in, renovate, sell, within 18 months and claim back SDLT? Are you using a mortgage for this?