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  1. Thanks Kirsty. What further information would you require? Or maybe more importantly what further requirements are there? I was thinking it was quite a straightforward situation, unless there was something I am missing, hence the reason for posting. I can see headline rates myself.
  2. Yes I didn't mean the links. I meant the way you were writing the sentences. It reminded me of a style I used to use with YoastSEO plugin on Wordpress. I'm really sorry to assume negative of you just because you didn't read the whole information in my thread. Thanks for showing interest and I did appreciate the reply!
  3. Sorry to give you that impression but you posted the same link in another thread also... I sent the same question to 3 brokers via email. They all replied with specific numbers based on LTVs with various mortgage durations. The question is vague and is looking for a range of answers. Maybe you were overthinking it. I did click on your link and was returned with generic information about BTL mortgages that was not relevant to my question e.g. "I now explain in detail, what a buy to let mortgage is. A buy to let mortgage is a home loan provided to property investors. A key condition of
  4. Thanks for the response. But if you read my post instead of promoting your own website you would have got a lot of the information you asked for. I would be happy with any length mortgage suggestions as I am gauging the interest percentage to use for my calculations. Hence why I would like to get information at various LTVs. It's not above a shop or in an LTD company, otherwise I would have mentioned this.
  5. Hypothetical, but own a £245k house outright. It has been rented to the current tenant for £1200pcm for the last 12 months. Owner has no other income but has £200k+ investments in the markets. At these LTVs what interest rate might be available on a BTL interest only mortgage please? 80% 70% 60% Would management fees being 12% of rent make a difference to the LTV? Thanks!
  6. This is the property I was looking at. 4 on the market right now. Possibly covid deaths who knows. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/85754134#/ 10.4% net of fees with full occupancy is a better starting point than I've found with most low capital growth options. 7.5% when you factor in the fees shown above. 6.2% gross if fully managed.
  7. I guess this is allowed since it is travelling for work? But just wanted to ask if anyone has any further information please?
  8. Are lenders open to providing a BTL on an apartment for over 55s that has been rented out for 6+ months and is currently held in cash? It is one of 64 flats in a 4 storey development with parking etc in good city location. Any thoughts and advice please?
  9. http://www.reading.ac.uk/ready-to-study/study/subject-area/real-estate-and-planning-ug/bsc-real-estate.aspx and https://courses.uwe.ac.uk/K440/real-estate Worth checking out the modules for each degree and speaking to someone to find what position graduates typically take at the end of the degree.
  10. Is PatMa still working for you guys when you are on the property listing page? I am only seeing the data when on the list of properties on the search page since Rightmove did an update tot he individual property pages.
  11. Not sure that was the right podcast - they spoke about care homes, and buying the whole business. I think OP (and myself) are asking about buying an apartment within a building that is designated for over 55s only. No services provided but generally there are high service charges and ground rent. I am wondering if there will be less capital appreciation, although with an ageing population and good fundamentals I'm not sure why there wouldn't be.
  12. A big factor is how much you expect to earn in the future from non-property income? While you have no income at present, will this change soon?
  13. If you don't have any other investments you also may not want to be over-invested in property, maybe you have to go back to work in the event of a crash, is this a big deal to you? Tax planning should also be a factor. For example you may want to contribute to a stocks and shares ISA for a couple of years and use this tax efficient wrapper alongside collecting the maximum the personal allowance allows from your property income if you hold it in your own name (right now 12.5k/year). I would start by working out how much you want to live on. From this number you can set about finding t
  14. What did you decide to do? Also, what are you thinking about your own residential property to live in down the line? Presumably you will not be able to get a mortgage for this unless you build a huge rental portfolio? As I understand it, you need to buy the rental property cash, then after 12+ months get a mortgage on the rental income, assuming it covers 125% of the monthly payment. But you would need to leave a lot of money in each property, maybe 40%, or 30%.
  15. Another factor is that you can reinvest your dividend into more REITs immediately, whereas it will take longer before you can use your rental income towards another property.
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