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  1. Agree - I have this very situation and the bill is simply in my name - no issue at all and its been 6 years
  2. Not sure about that - I just rented 2 of my vacant properties with a £100 rent increase over previous tenants and both went after first viewings. I do agree that finances will be under pressure but demand for decent bel's is very high where I am in the midlands.
  3. With that sort of money I would be looking to buy a block of flats or a mixed commercial/residential block with development potential
  4. Never had an issue with an unfurnished property and deposit usually covers minor issues caused by pets. As above, not much you can do if the tenant goes and does it anyway
  5. There is a ton of template type material on NRLA website and I use that to pull together a tenant pack.. There is a lot (and I mean a lot) of stuff that regs require you to give to tenant and get them to sign to say they have it so well worth doing it properly
  6. I happened to be over on propertytribes and there was a link to a very scathing review about portfolio and the way its setup etc. I have to disagree with some of what they said but some of the numbers did look a bit worrying... https://medium.com/@InvestorReview
  7. I doubt that there is any paid for education that isn't available for free. I have never used any of these educational services but the anecdotal feedback is that they are not a good use of your money
  8. I am finding flipping is next to impossible in any decent area - whether auction or regular purchase - as the extra costs of buying/selling/stamp-duty/tax etc makes it difficult to make a worthwhile return. Best option is to add real value via extension/loft-conversion etc and refurb to a. high spec. Personally I am not doing flips in the current market unless an off-market deal comes along or an auction deal with issues like subsidence etc. Basically you pretty much have to pay the going rate and forget about trying to get a deal as, in most cases, you will be waiting a long time. I skip
  9. Thanks for doing the legwork sam and I understand most of your analysis. I also intend to hold fire for the time being and stick with more standard stocks/shares - as well as my own BTl portfolio. My main motivation was to see how the numbers stack up and if its worth going in this direction versus buying my own additional btl's... Hopefully this will grow and there may well be a set of investors where this is a good way to get started in property so good luck to Rob/Rob and I will watch for now..
  10. Dunno what's going on with portfolio as heard nothing since I registered pre-launch. Too many questions and not enough answers so have invested in a couple of traditional REITS instead - Global Tracker and a UK managed... As far as I can tell the portfolio is aimed at GIA type investments versus ISA/SIPP etc but can't see why a LTD would be excluded.. There really should have been deep dive by the 2 R's rather than the very level podcast and info on the website. I'm guessing its aimed more at the people wanting an alternative route into BTL rather than those investing in the stock market
  11. sure - send me a message and will get in touch.. there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to this method of purchase
  12. Personally, I would not be making decisions based on predicting future crashes and would grab one of the many decent 5 year deals. Same as waiting for a future stock market crash before investing.
  13. Thanks Stuart - very useful and save trawling numerous websites
  14. Someone I know actually worked for this particlular company and I did look into investing with them but decided against it. They are geared for cash rich investors who are looking to be very hands-off and the 'rental guarantees' are not really guarantees past the first 1-2 year - which are usually funded by an uplift in the price.. I think they are mainly new build focussed and aimed at more 'premium' areas like city centres etc There are plenty of these sorts of companies and I am sure their model y work for some investors - I just didn't find the overall proposition attractive. I am als
  15. I am not sure you can decide that HMO is the best strategy without really understanding the model - especially all the council/govt regulations and licensing requirements. I am actually moving away from hmo's as its no longer as attractive as it used to be. One good place to learn is hmohub as that has lots of useful info and discussion : https://www.hmohub.co.uk/category/hmo-resources/ Only thing to be wary off is the currency of the resources given all the changes in recent years.
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