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  1. Hello Scott, Thank you for your response, I will look in the 50-60k range. I am looking to buy in 12 months time as long as I can secure a buy to let mortgage (I do not own my own home yet, I live in the south east so it's quite expensive). Do you mind telling me which cities or towns you generally target? Thank you!
  2. Hello All, Just a quick question, I have seen properties in the north like Blackburn and Hull starting from 40k. I would not be investing for capital gains, but rather cash flow. What are your thoughts? Is this acheivable? Many thanks,
  3. Hi Darren, Thank you for your reply. I have listened to the property geek podcast you mentioned, that was the icing on the cake for me. It solidified the fact that it can be done successfully and legally. In a bid to do some market research I reached out to a few agents / landlords - stating my intention honestly, and one was willing to consider R2R. I am researching meticulously, I am actually now worried about analysis paralysis! I have seen quite a few courses and they raise red flags. Hopefully, my impending chats with the solicitors and council will bring cl
  4. Well ultimately I would like to own my own rental properties. However I am trying to clear debts and save a deposit for my own home. I make a good income but my funds are limited. Upon hearing of rent to rent I thought this could be a way I could get started in property, gain experience and cash flow.
  5. Hello, I hope this message finds you all well. I am so happy I found Property Hub. I am Reading based, and very interested in doing R2R as a means to gain experience in property as well as cash flow, with the intent to one day purchase. I have been researching extensively, set up a company, currently sorting out contracts with a solicitor and I have contacted Reading Borough council to try to understand more about HMO's as I want to be fully legitimate are compliant. I am open to all suggestions, feedback and networking! Thank you!
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