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  1. Hey Stevie Great plan and a great time to get stuck in with low interest rates and a potential slowing of growth for a bit. My path is almost parallel one to yours. I too am an expat airline employee set on the property investment journey. A bit further down the road at 36 years old I would be happy to share/ advise on anything you may need to help you avoid the mistakes I have made along the way. From reading your post it sounds like you are already well on your way to success with such a defined achievable goal. Good luck to you! You will get to £25,000 gross quickly and im pretty
  2. Hey Simon thanks for the good news! Thought there had to be a way. I might be requiring your services in the not so distant future.
  3. Good day! With us all living in this day of heightened retrenchment risk. Does anyone know if BTL mortgage lenders will lend if your sole means of income is from rental property? Would love to hear of any real life examples. Surely some of those successful enough to have become full time investors still have a need for mortgages? Perhaps the only way is through other investors? I am looking/hoping to make the leap. Many thanks! Wes
  4. Hey mate, sorry for the late reply. Would love to share what I know. Unfortunately although I've been on the island for 30 years I am still not a citizen. So from the perspective of an expat I personally dont see a huge margin of value at the moment. Saying that, you have access to alot more properties than I do being a mauritian. All I can say is be cautious and build in a good margin. Hope that helps.
  5. Haha yeah that's a little more accessible for us non drug lords/ oligarchs! Good luck.
  6. Hey Caroline! Unfortunately it is still rather restrictive for foreigners to purchase property besides the crazy expensive residential schemes. That might change is a few years as it would appear the trend is in moving, all be it rather slowly, in that direction. I'm not too clued up with the details but I think if you are have a residency permit you can buy any apartment as long as it has 3 floors. I can look into it for you if youd like? I read that your experience is in doing up and letting serviced apartments. Might be the only way to make any kind of return here...
  7. Hey Thanks for the quick response. I have was investing in south Africa as I hold both a British and south African passport. To be honest I wouldn't recommend Mauritian property to be honest. The properties are expensive and the best way to get returns are through holiday but that requires a license now so I've been told. I would not look at Mauritius as your next step. I would not worry too much about Brexit. UK is always gonna be property hot spot. Supply and demand wise.
  8. Hey Andrew Sorry for the late response. I started investing in the UK with some experience in another market, turns out it's quite different but the basics are similar. As I dont live in the UK I saw it fit to deal with a sourcing company. To answer your questions: 1. Yes have bought 4 units off plan over the past 10 years. The worst example was in Sheffield 7 years before completion. Apon completion I it was valued at less than asking... Just saying be careful as future prices are built into the asking. 2. My first was in Leeds but yes because I had some amazing capital gr
  9. Hi Jay I have bought a few new builds in the past. As I am currently working overseas, I personally feel a little more confident in a new build. I have also come across RW invest. So I will be following this thread too as I know nothing about them but they are offering assured NET of 7%... Has anyone worked with them in the past? Best regards, Wes
  10. Hello Hubbers, I have been investing in the UK property market for a few years now and am always looking for a good deal. Strategy has buying new builds but seeing it has been a little limited on the building cashflow front I am looking into other options. Anyway looking to meet like minded people to discuss ideas with. Any Mauritian residents on propertyhub? Would be awesome if we could create a meet up, might be a little ambitious...
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