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  1. Hi Tiffany, Please do, feel free to drop me a line iain@cil.global or give me a ring if you're in a rush 07957 972 349. Happy to help
  2. Hi Jen, You can get me on iain@cil.global - happy to help and be good to get to know you. There are always going to be deals that aren't right for us that could be perfect for your strategy or you could find a deal that would be perfect for us. With so many ways to do deals, JV's and partnerships it's always worth knowing what others are looking for and if we can help you avoid any of our mistakes then all the better. Cheers, Iain
  3. Hi Jen, We use John Holliday at Pocknells in South Woodham Ferrers for our Limited company accounts https://www.pocknells.co.uk/ For mortgages we use Tom Hutton out of WH Brown 01245 262 266 or Simone Crowder (independent) 07887 516 161 Simone's dad is a commercial loan specialist so that's helpful when needed. For legal work we use Gepp https://www.geppsolicitors.co.uk/ if it's going to be complicated, developments etc. for basic conveyancing I don't really have a preference, I'll give it to Gepp unless there's a cheaper option. We self manage, I say we, I self manage our property so I try to keep it in Chelmsford where I've got a great maintenance friend who'll respond to any maintenance crises for me. The higher prices here can be mitigated by buying smart and adding value and leaving as little cash in each deal as possible. The same buying strategies would work equally well there. We look to add value to every purchase with our in-house construction company enabling us to take on more profitable projects and leave as little as possible in each project. We're going to be working with others more going forward - happy to meet up to discuss strategies and options if you like.
  4. Update: It's sounding like the only way to do this will to be - Set up a new Ltd, wholly owned by the original Ltd (therefore no tax in transferring the property) and move the properties across which will then provide the transfer required for the access rights etc. to be granted. It's going to mean an increase in the bill from the accountants and the cost of setting up a new SPV for holding property. Be delighted if anyone had any further suggestions or advice?
  5. Help! I have a plot of land in Chelmsford with a 9 Bed HMO on it, I have planning in to split the HMO into two houses and to build a new house on the end - pre agreed at pre app, expected in 2 weeks. The property is currently owned in our SPV Limited Company. We want to split the title into 3 seperate titles to mortgage each property separately yet retain ownership of all three within our Ltd on a freehold basis. As we're not selling it's proving a little complicated - all the solicitors are telling me that although it is possible that Land Registry will split the titles - we can't grant access rights to ourselves, so, when coming to mortgaging those new houses the titles won't stand up for mortgage purposes. It's been suggested we transfer the properties into another part of the company, creating the 'transfer' required to go through the necessary legal steps of granting access rights etc. I'm awaiting tax advice but assuming this route isn't ideal tax wise and I don't really want these properties to leave the main SPV anyway. Has anyone managed to split a title and retained ownership of all the titles and successfully re mortgaged those properties? With build to rent being popular this has to be doable....! Any and all help appreciated... (We'll be building with our own inhouse building company and be managing the properties ourselves if that has any impact on anything)
  6. Hello to all, I'm Iain Large, Along with my business partner in Dubai, we have two 3 bed's and one 9 bed HMO in Chelmsford (our preferred area of interest) through Connection Investments Limited formed in 2013 when we decided to start investing together again after a lucky previous exit in 2008! Having let the business tick away for the last 5 years it's now full speed ahead! With space to build a couple of two beds in Chelmsford on different sites we formed Connection Construction Limited with a builder we've known for many years. Under our Construction banner we work for others as well as on our own developments - so if you're looking for a builder who'll be straight with you then feel free to give me a shout. We've been landlords for 9 years and our construction foreman has been building for 20 years so happy to offer any advice/contacts we can and always interested to learn what others are up to. We're specifically interested in, BTL opportunities locally, development opportunities all over Essex and partnering on developments. We have backing and money to spend, on the right deals... Or first build for ourselves starts as soon as the solicitors give the green light so if you're interested in the building side or just meeting up to see how we can help each other then please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks Iain Large
  7. Hi David, I'm a year late here but... Our investment company had the room to build a couple of houses so we partnered up with a builder we know to form a specific building company to do our own developments. When not on our own projects we build for others. Would happily meet up to discuss - we're in Chelmsford, but have recently completed a big domestic job in Ipswich... Happy to chat.. even if just to check quotes etc.
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