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  1. As an investor, generally speaking, would you consider buying a house that is right next to a brown, 16 storey council estate built in the sixties? I am considering buying the relevant house because it is a freehold and is relatively decent. In the area where I wanted to buy, all city centre leasehold flats that I considered buying would give me near 0% or even negative ROI; a freehold will have better yields, but it is almost always near a council estate and at the edge of the city. I saw some forums online (including mumsnet!) where people are advised to steer clear
  2. Thank you Richard. You have pointed me to the right direction and I really appreciate your input.
  3. Hello there I am thinking of purchasing my first BTL property in Birmingham and would appreciate some input. I wanted to buy in the city centre (B16) because I expect house prices to rise in the long term due to the various regeneration projects . My focus is on capital growth, although I know I should not count on it. At the same time I know I should not settle with an ROI that is too low as I need some margin to avoid a negative ROI. Having crunched the numbers on my chosen property, I realised to my surprise that the the ROI is very low - 3.81% if I b
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