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  1. Hi everyone, i know it was 2017 post and I wonder if using a sourcing company still an issue with mortgage lenders? I mean if the fee paid to the sourcing company covered by cash not put into mortgage, would it still be an issue? I assume lenders would not know if the property is from a sourcing company or an estate agency? Anyone can share any views? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a property sourcer who covers Birmingham or NOttingham or Cardiff or Derby region? Currently those regions are under my interest. Thanks. Dawei
  3. it is mandatory but £600+VAT is very expensive and the work is really not that much. I would suggest you to challenge their price and request the details of the work, hopefully you can get the price down.
  4. Thanks. Alternatively, Can husband own 100% but 99% of rental income going to wife?
  5. Hi everyone, If the property is 100% owned by husband but the rental income goes to wife, it is still possible? Or the property has to be shared and then the income can 100% go to wife. thanks in advance! Dave
  6. Thanks a lot, I am looking at either Birmingham or Nottingham currently and seek the approach you mentioned.
  7. You can talk to a mortgage advisor to see how much you can get for refinancing? In parallel, wait for another couple of months to see if you are just in a bad timing.
  8. I would like to know as well, but i would imagine most of them are agents.
  9. Hi everyone, I have been buy to let market using mortgage for a few years. Now I have some savings and am able to look at other options. I am not sure other options, e.g. cash buy, corwdfunding, are better than my current way. I would like to know your opinions and if there are other better ways than what i know. 1. My current way - apply 80% LTV mortgage buy to let, either 2 or 5 years, rent the property out to provide me monthly income. If the property price increased, i would sell it for some capital gain income or i can keep it for even longer term hoping it will increase more. 2. Cash buy - if the property is £150k market value, sometimes cash buyer could negotiate a good price as the seller urgently need cash. The property could be purchased as £120k or lower. It means after cash buy, i can refinace/remortgage it to recycle the cash. There are some addtional payment, e.g. stamp duty, socilitor fees, etc, but not much. The cash is in theory constantly recycled. 3. Crowdfunding - recently I heard this term and it can provide fixed return of 8-12% in 6-18months, depending on projects. One example, www.sourced.co, they only provide property investment project. Have anyone used them before? It sounds low risk and reasonble return. However, I know that it can't be true and any investment has risks. Anyone has used such method and would like to share your opinions? Note: There are some pros and cons using ltd company, however, this is not part of the question. The above 3 ways can apply to both personal and ltd company. I would like to know your opinions on which way produces higher return (obviously higher risk i assume) and if there are other ways. It could end up with similar return and similar risks. Thanks everyone in advance. Dawei