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  1. Own 3rd floor flat (top floor) in purpose built block of 17 flats There are front and rear doors at ground level (do these doors legally need to be fire doors?) There are two flights of stairs to levels 2 and 3 with doors leading to all flats on levels 2 and 3 respectively (do these doors legally need to be fire doors?) My flat (and all other flats) only escape routes are via their own front doors as no fire escape exist (do these flat doors legally need to be fire doors?)
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    Capital Gains Couple of queries - 1 - Is the '£11k freebe' mentioned in all Capital Gains allowances discussions, just the standard state allowance everybody gets before paying any tax, or an additional allowance on top? 2 - Does annual overall inflation (RPI or CPI not just housing inflation indexes) not have any impact on Capital Gains? If annual inflation RPI/CPI equals say 3%PA, and I buy at £200k (including all expenses) and sell 10 years later at say £250k, even without compounding the interest, I would need £260k to have the buying power of the £200k 10 years ago, so
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