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  1. Hi all On this podcast I heard Rob talking about peer to peer lending as a form of investment money. I have read about this a while ago but was put off as thought some were too good to be true with interest rates of 7ish%. Plus some are not protected by the FSCS. So could anyone tell me if they know which companies the Robs were talking about and/or if this is actually a good idea and if so which companies they would recommend and why? Cheers Alex
  2. Hi all I have been listening to Rob & Rob for over a year now whilst also catching up on older pod casts. After family and friends telling me their horror stories of bad investments in early 2000 then hearing all the positive investments on the pod cast I know that my family and friends made the wrong decisions and with the right choices and research it is possible to have good investments. So.... knowing that the capital growth will increase I feel I want to get onto the property investment ladder ASAP. I bought my first house 4 years ago which is up for a mortgage renewal ne
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