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  1. The historic ex-council stigma and price differential continues to diminish in every London sub-market (as does the old N vs S London price differential). Given that flat is mortgageable, its highest value will be as a buy to live. Critically, it remains highly affordable for a working London couple wanting an acceptable commute to anywhere in and around the capital. So (unbelievably to many) I predict this flat will outperform the national market in capital gains because it is still rising to its true value to working Londoners in terms of square footage, commutability and quality of local li
  2. "If in doubt, there is no doubt." (You don't need to read the rest of this post!) Something I have to learn to do better is to adopt a different mindset when buying a property as an investment vs. buying a place to live in. If you/your family fall in love with a property, then faults can be overlooked or kicked into the long grass to be dealt with later if they ever arise. Also, you have to live somewhere! That is a very dangerous and potentially expensive mindset to have when buying an investment property. You don't have to invest anywhere! If you buy, it has to make financ
  3. I am also in the growth phase. Running my portfolio with 75%LTV and my home at 85% with remortgages every 2 years plus throwing all earnings/savings into generating the next deposits, renovation costs and fees. Have given little thought to exit. As passive income rises to meet expenses then I'll stop working so many hours to generate deposits and remortgage to lower LTVs. (But passive income is currently impacted by being highly leveraged!) Not looking to sell and currently have no next generation to pass everything on to. Ha ha. Seeing those facts/figures on paper it looks
  4. Hi Kit I have a 2 bed and a 3 bed in NW London but have moved to SE London and have a 3 bed b2l there. Listened to the podcasts since December. Deciding whether to stick to NW (flats) or SE (houses) for my next step on the ladder. Laminki
  5. Great article. I have to decide what to do with a family asset so coming at this from a slightly different angle than whether or not to buy an existing HMO.
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