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    alex wright reacted to julia urquhart in Please sign my petition if you believe EPCs inaccurate   
    If, like me, you believe EPCs are inaccurate and the raising the requirement for all rentals to achieve a C is impossible and unfair please sign my petition and forward it to anyone else who might sign it.
    The requirement for all properties to achieve a C (going through consultation now) will leave many properties, especially those with electric heating, unable to be rented out and could devastate the PRS. I appreciate the need for energy efficiency, but the inability of the EPC to recognise the efficiency of modern electric radiators run on green electricity whilst favouring GCH which the Govt is banning is simply ridiculous and the EPC algorithm should recognise this.
    My petition can be found here:
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    alex wright reacted to daniel1 in Please sign my petition if you believe EPCs inaccurate   
    couldn't agree more i recently had a EPC downrated/failed because i changed the old extremely non efficient heating system to the new Rointe electric heaters. Its madness, the company carrying out the test even said its daft but nothing they could do as when you tick the electric heater answer on the survey it scores less than the old system. 
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    alex wright reacted to onkar in First timer: finding a solicitor   
    Hi Jake,
    One of the mistakes I've made in the past is deciding on a solicitor first, then finding out that the solicitor is not on a particular lender's panel of solicitors once a mortgage application was submitted.
    So what I would do if I was you is find your property, talk with a broker to find what lender you would apply with, then in parallel find a solicitor who is on this lender's panel.
    I am now in a position where I have worked with a hand full of solicitors and will pick one depending on whichever lender I deal with.
    The solicitor does not have to be local, but I wouldn't go with any old solicitor either. Based on my experience you get what you pay, meaning don't go for the cheapest!
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    alex wright reacted to Stuart Phillips in Remortgaging a cash purchase   
    6 Months with most lenders if you want to realise the market value of the property (ie if you have improved/renovated the property, increased the lease etc). There are a handful of lenders that will do it within 6 months but most likely they will limit the value to what you paid for it.
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