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  1. Hi there, we are looking to purchase a buy-to-let in Glasgow. My partner is from there and his sons live there. We have a few buy-to-lets in Nottingham, but our broker does not understand the Scottish system and the lenders he uses with don't work with freehold flats - this is much more common in Scotland than it is down south where flats tend to be leasehold. Can anyone recommend a broker in Glasgow? Thanks in advance, any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Alex, that would be great. My email is francesbakerproperty@gmail.com. What is your strategy?
  3. Hello folks, Can anybody recommend a good management company in Stockport? I have an HMO there that I would like an agency to take on as I am now based in Scotland! I am looking for a reliable service by a team who care! Under my watchful eye the property has been really well run/maintained. I haven’t got the time anymore though as my circumstances have changed. Any reccomendatiins would be great. Thank you.
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