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  1. Right... home work time! Brilliant info Dino this should keep me ticking over until I can get the ball moving fully. I have just recently just caught up on the podcast and was looking for some more to keep me going as I have some distance to travel with work etc. So that’s great. I purchased the rich dad poor dad last week and will be sure to purchase rob D’s very shortly. Once I have more info in the future of where I stand I will drop a message back and let you know how I am getting on. Much appreciated for you to take the time out and write back and help. T
  2. I don't have any experience in any of the above subjects but I would say have a good look through the contract with the military FTB loan for the deposit, as I had a few of my friends mention it when I used to be in. One of the main talking points was that you couldn't leave/sign off until the loan was paid back. so looking at a £10-12k loan I would have a think about the length of service you would be looking at doing, depending on how much of that could be true, its worth having a look into. Hope all goes well, even though it wasn't much help hope it helps in anyway possible. Ada
  3. Sorry for not getting back to you both sooner its been a very busy festive period. I personally would like to grow a portfolio large enough to replace my current income and go into property full time further down the line, however due to such small starting funds available I thought that using what little equity I gave to do 2-3 flips (or how ever many it takes) to raise funds for another BTL property might be more sensible and achievable. This is a area I am not too clued up on and need to do more research. Unfortunately there
  4. Evening everyone, I'm Adam, I have always been floating around in the back ground reading forums, listening to podcasts but never wrote into the forum myself. (first time for everything I suppose). I see a lot of helpful people and answers all over the forums, I'm hoping now I have the courage to write a comment myself that this will give me the kick I need to just go for it. Right so hear goes. I have a annual salary of around £30k and I currently have one property which I am deciding to rent out after a light referb, due to moving in with my girlfriend in her pro
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