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    I am interested in investing into house around the london gatwick area, HOWEVER am yet to look into owning property further afield from my home address, your opinions..?
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    Driven, always open to learning, small business owner, loyal and honest.
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    To be able to fufill my desired lifestyle in any country around the world through my investments.
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    I would like to earn 5k net monthly through property investment.
  1. in my local area those figures seem so unrealistic, maybe I should look further afield..?
  2. Thank you Kylie, that makes more sense to me now.
  3. DrKidd and Simon, Thank you for your replies, I have since been in touch which both brokers and accountants and they literally confirmed both of your posts as being absolutely bang on. really appreciate your help. Jamie
  4. Thanks for your replies. Please can you explain: If I was to go searching for a investment property tomorrow, which should I be concentrating on most Yields or ROI. Every book Im reading is mentioning yields, however the one that matters most in my very limited newbie mind is the ROI figures? Which should I look for most and why? Sorry if it's a silly question. Jamie
  5. Hi guys, Was just browsing through old threads and stumbled across this! I am a self employed taxi driver who had been advised to set up a ltd company next week to commence the new year and pay self a small wage and the rest in dividends for tax benefits. I don't plan to have enough funds to invest for 2 years starting from jan '15. This would leave me with two full years of company accounts and 3 years of self employed accounts. How will paying the majority of my salary In consistant and regular dividends for 2 years prior to making a residential and/or BTL mortgage application? Am I
  6. Hi guys! Am a complete newbie and am working through book after book all of which includes the basics of gross and net yield, apart from one little detail. What is a desired gross and net yield for a viable investment? Please can you share with me what yield you look for to trigger a potential deal and how you came up with that figure. Many thanks in advance, I appreciate you are busy people! Jamie
  7. Hey guys! Just spent 6 weeks travelling through Asia and decided to work out exactly what interests me and what I need financially to live my desired lifestyle, the answer to both was "property". I also told myself I couldn't do it as I don't have wealthy parents or even own my own property! What I did realise is that I have a huge desire and hunger to learn, this I thought, combined with action, could be the start of something very promising! I then read rich dad poor dad and that sealed the deal in my mind. I proceeded to download approx 12 British based propet books included Rob Dix,
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