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  1. Hi Folks Just wondering, is there anyone out there with knowledge of becoming a property sourcer ? I have owned my own BTL for 10 years, have lots of area knowledge and would like to supplement my income. I have read a few posts that suggest being a property sourcer is a great way to increase income but nothing telling me if you need to have any qualifications. I read on one website that by leafleting you can find BMV properties but don't you need to be qualified to value residential properties ? So the impression I am getting is that if you are sourcing a pro
  2. Try this guy, Steve Keay . He is registered on the Property Hub, Linkedin and has his own website / property business and is based in Newcastle. http://stevekeay.co.uk/
  3. Hi Nik I am from 'up North' currently based in Bolton and know Manchester and surrounding areas reasonably well, having lived in several parts of the city in the past and spent my student years there, staying in the area after graduating. I have lots of local knowledge and best of all......own a car. if you are still looking for a driver, I work part time but can come to some arrangement. I would like to swap skills and if you have any advice on a current situation I am in with a BTL property that I own but have not let out for some years....long story! PM me i
  4. Hi I am completely new to the Property Hub and this is my first post. I need to provide the background to my story to illustrate my fairly tricky dilemma. I bought a property back 2006 for £75,00 on a joint interest only BTL mortgage. No problems, we rented it out and had good and bad tenants along the way. I managed the lettings myself, despite knowing nothing at all about being a Landlord. Anyway, sadly my husband became my ex-husband and I ended up moving into the property as a means of removing myself from a very bad situation in the family home. I eventual
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