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  1. I have chosen an area that I intend to invest in and broadly speaking the numbers seem to stack up. However, I have some serious mind fog when it comes to calculating net yield and ROI. I also want to ensure that I am including ALL of the necessary expenses when making the calculations. Is there anyone out there that is able to share what calculations they consider most important and what costs they include when calculating whether an investment is worthwhile??? OR Even better, is there anyone out there that is willing to share an excel spreadsheet that they use to do their c
  2. Would love to share the journey Claret73. Tell me more about what your plans are. Are you planning to invest in Brum?
  3. Great to hear from you Rob. In answer to your questions... ... I am looking to provide homes for low income families/LHA tenants ....In all honesty, I haven't made a concrete decision about whether I will manage the properties or whether I will be outsourcing them to a letting agent. I am leaning toward starting by managing them myself (to learn the ropes as it were) and then when my portfolio grows outsourcing. ....I am keen to invest in Stoke on Trent/Newcastle under Lyme as the numbers stack up for the strategy that I am adopting, because it is within a reasonable distance from my
  4. Hello all, Let me start by saying what a fab job Rob and Rob have done with the property hub - its a great addition to the property podcast. I am hooked on my Thursday fix of their property podcast and would recommend it highly to anyone that hasn't yet taken a peek/listen. I am very excited to be joining you all here at the property hub! Although I have been raving about the potential in property investment, have read enough books to fill a library shelf or two and have attended plenty of property courses, this is the first time that I have EVER contributed to a forum - so be kind
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