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    South Wales, Edinburgh, Dundee, Midlands
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    I am looking to build my 'Buy To Let' knowledge and expand portfolio. I currently invest in Scotland and Wales. But recently moving to the midlands I looking at my local area to focus on for the next few years.

    I come from a project planning and supervising background in the engineering sector which I plan to eventually leave to become a full-time investor.

  • Property investment interests
    I am mainly interested in Buy to let's flats normally in city centre locations. also smaller family homes 2 bed with small gardens and parking.
    I focus on adding value to each property purchase to keep the momentum up and reinvest.

    Also keeping an eye out for a good HMO around the midlands.
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    Project planning, Construction knowledge, refurbs
  • Interests outside property
    I am a keen and frequent cyclist, I also enjoy most other outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and camping.

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  1. Hi, Hope your off plan apartment goes well, I know waiting for that new set of keys is never easy. I have a bit more to do two. When I look at doing area research, I tend to print of maps and plot as much info on them as I can, helps to see the bigger picture and some good areas that I would have other wise missed. Might be helpful.
  2. Hi, Thank you for giving me a heads up with Bordesley green. I haven't looked at Hockey so its now on my list thanks, Iv seen the jewellery quarter has had plenty of change over the last few years so make sense the local areas will be desirable tenant locations. Iv been keeping an eye out for a good HMO and looking into the article 4 areas, local planning requirements and the licences etc for new Hmo's. I know these can vary a fair bit from city to city, Don't know if you or anyone else has had any dealings with the council or knows what their attitude is to new hmo's in the city?
  3. I certainly will, hopefully if all is well I'll get up soon. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you very much for sharing some great local info, very much appreciated. I totally agree some of the areas I mentioned do seem challenging to find strong yields, I am use to the market around Scotland and invest mainly in Dundee where yields tend to be strong but I guess with potentially less growth. So, may be something I will need to adapt to. The city certanly interests me and dose seem to have all the right fundamentals and rental demand in the right places. Your area brake down has really helped to clear some of my initial thoughts, it will be a great help once the current lockd
  5. Hi, Iv began to look into and research Birmingham and some of its close surrounding areas as a new investment spot for myself. I thought it could be good to upload a quick post to see if anyone would share some general advice regarding the area or is in the same position and wants to chat. I know the city is gaining plenty of attention likely to the amount of investment it has already seen and due to receive in the near future and of course the HS2 links. I generally look for properties that need decent size refurb's or potential to add some value then introduce to the rental mark
  6. Hi, It certainly is challenging to find the right property in Worcester, ill keep looking but will need to start exploring other area options around 1.5 hour radius as I am fairly hands on while I do these projects. Your development sounds interesting and I may well be in touch to find out more.
  7. Hi, Thank you for some more info. Iv also noticed lots of large commercial units springing up along the outskirts of Worcester by the M5, it will be interesting to see how they all get filled, it certainly is good location for companies to access the m5+m6 corridor and Worcester doesn't seem to be very far from any of the UK's major cities. I also agree, form my research so far you don't get the best returns in Worcester. However, I am intreated to dig slightly deeper and I tend to look for properties needing large refurb / conversions from 2 - 3 beds etc, so I will see what I can f
  8. Hi Mel, Unfortunately I can't offer ay advice to your situation with ltd company, but I hope someone on here will be able to help. I have 3 BTL but they are all in my own name, I'm sure I'll be looking into Ltd companies myself at some point in the future. I am new to Worcester and I noticed in your post you've be using a mortgage broker, I just wondering if they are a local company and if you have had good experances would recommend them at all. I'm looking at doing a remortgage and two new purchases this year in the Worcester. Kind regards Martyn Taylor
  9. Hi Gareth I've been searching for information around renting demand and areas to invest in Worcester and came across you post, I noticed it's a few years old now but I would be keen to know if you ended up investing in Worcester and your experances if so. I'm new to the area, recently relocated from Edinburgh. Thanks martyn
  10. Hi, Thank you for the update, things certainly are changing fast. I'll keep an eye out on the 1st and speak to my broker. Thank you
  11. Hi, Your situation sounds very similar to mine. Certainly let me know if you have any luck with your broker and I'll keep you posted if I can make progress. I think this is very unique time and unfortunate circumstance and until banks can send out for valuations the might not be much option but to have to wait this out.
  12. Thank you, I will contact a broker to see what my options could be. Taking a new deal for now and getting a further advance once things have cleared up might be a good idea for the circumstances, kicking myself I didn't get this arranged sooner. Thanks
  13. Hi, Iv also found a very similar situation. My fixed term on one of my BTL properties is due to end and move onto the variable rate in the next few weeks, I tried to remortgage onto another 5 year fixed and release equity to 75% LTV with Virgin money this morning, but unfortunately they advised me they can no longer offer any products over 60% LTV and won't be able to do any equity release on any new applications. Not sure if anyone knows any lenders still willing to offer remortgage deals which I would still be able release equity with. I guess for obvious reasons the banks can no
  14. Hi I’m in a fairly similar situation, one of my tenants has just handed in there months notice and I’m not sure if I should hold back on re advertising it also. I am going to look into the option around providing the flat to health or critical workers for free for a month or so, to try and help during this crisis. Not sure if this would be a option for you also but may be a idea if you decide to delay the public advertising.
  15. Hi all, I have been involved in a few fairly small, Buy - Refurb - Refinance projects over the last three years and currently own 3 BTLs. I now have an opportunity for a much larger project and thought I would see if anyone has any advice or previous experience that they could share that could prove invaluable in the early stages for me whilst I get this started. My development project has been approved from planning and is a conversion from a commercial grade II listed building into 5 units made up of 2x two bedroom and 3x three bedroom houses within close proximity to a small to
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