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  1. Hello Hubbers, I am hoping for a bit of advice. I have searched the internet but I cant really find anything regarding the below from any reliable source. I own some properties personally and others through an Ltd company. To simplify things up I am looking into the idea of managing my personally owned properties through my limited company with the company charging myself a standard market rate fee of c.10-12%. With regards to this change, what notification or documentation do I need to give to the tenants and what are, in your eyes, the main advantages and pitfalls of
  2. Thank you Yazdaan! I am coming close to the end of my property search with 2-3 viable properties on my radar that I plan to make offers in 2-4 weeks time. When this comes I will most definitely give you a call. In the meantime i was wondering if you could help me with the below query? Most of my research suggests that I should set-up an SPV rather than a traditional limited company. However, my accountant has challenged this and cannot see the difference/benefits of an SPV, quoting that it limits the company in the future. From a mortgage prospective and your industry k
  3. Hi All, I am hoping for some recommendations for a Ltd company mortgage broker in the Cardiff or Caerphilly area (if anyone has any)? Thank you!
  4. Hello All, I am hoping for some recommendations for an accountant based in the Cardiff or Caerphilly area of Wales that specialises in property. I have some BTLs personally but looking to set-up a Ltd company and as such looking for accounting services. Thanks in Advance! Mike
  5. Hi All, Just a quick query I hope you can help me with. I am considering moving all renewing ASTs to the electronic platform (Hello sign) recommended in the free course. Having always been old school and completed this by hand/post with witness signatures I am unsure of the legalities of my potential move. Are electronic ASTs legally binding, what would happen if they disputed it and what is your view on the need for witnesses...are they required? Any help would be great!
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