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  1. mbffea

    Which area?

    Thank you very much for your inputs, I will start my research from here. I will most probably be working with a sourcer as he or she will hopefully have access to better deals, however I want to be able to do my due diligence. In terms of actually getting things done, I suppose a plain vanilla BTL should be easily manageable on my own even if based abroad. This would mean working with agents, solicitors, valuers, mortgage brokers, and the lot, plus a few trips to the UK which I am happy to do. What about the refurb should I go for a (light) buy, refurb and refinance? Would I be able to b
  2. mbffea

    Which area?

    Thank you so much for the feedback, very useful and much appreciated! My "why" is to create a semi-passive income stream which will allow me to stop exchanging my time for the money I need to survive. I have been in touch with several mortgage brokers and I have been confirmed I can get finance for BTL properties worth 100k+. Financing for other strategies like HMOs is also available, but only after I have built a track record with BTLs, hence this is where I would like to start from. Given that I am based overseas I need to build a local network and power team, this is why I am so
  3. mbffea

    Which area?

    Hello everyone from a newbie wanna be property investor. I am in the process of getting educated and getting quite frustrated as I can't manage to decide in which location to invest. I am based overseas, which makes it easier since wherever I will end up investing it will be "difficult" anyway... Obviously a lot depends on my objectives, I understand that. My idea is to start with some good yielding BTLs, perhaps on a BRR model, and possibly move to HMOs or SA at a later stage. To be honest I don't need the highest cash flow or the highest capital appreciation, I am looking for a mix of b
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