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  1. Hi Ali, you might be better starting your own topic or searching old topics to find out more
  2. I just found them the cheapest on comparison sites and shopping around in my price bracket
  3. both really helpful guys, there certainly are more hoops to jump through and I learned quite a lot today! If I can prove my pension and downsizing plan its certainly the way to go financially over the next 12 months. Or do I bite the bullet and do a 5 year fixed repayment. The cumberland were the best options for me on interest only
  4. Hello Guys & Girls I don't get involved in finance very often in my developing business as I run that cash at present. I play it too safe However my own home is currently on a repayment mortgage where the deal ends next month. I'm considering changing to an interest only mortgage and saving the capitol myself each month. Then in 2 years re mortgaging and putting the savings into the deposit again. I've done the numbers which seems to suggest quite a large saving this way as the interest only deals are great. Am I missing something silly? I
  5. Thank you for your reply that is very helpful. What should a sourcer normally include in the due diligence? I'm always interested in deals however at the moment my comfort zone is closer to home (blackpool) or a 30 minute drive or so. I'm concentrating on a buy to sell business plan at the minute with a 100k cash post I've built I'm looking for a 15% ROI on straight flips or a 20-25% when refurbishments are needed
  6. Good Evening hubbers I have always found my own deals up until now but have been passed a couple of opportunity's which are off market. I'm trying to find out if the sourcing agent should have any specific legal qualifications. I've heard things like an agent should be registered with a financial ombudsman etc What are the implications of someone not being registered etc? Does this affect me or just him in legal terms? I would be paying a sourcing fee after a successful completion in this scenario
  7. You can sell it on to someone with a mortgage but not normally finance it yourself to take cash out within 6 months of purchase. It can be done but there are hoops to jump through and only specialist companies will mortgage apparently.
  8. Hi All My business plan is to flip property's after refurbishment and I'm getting to the point where I need investment of 50k to move it on to the next level. I've been offered money by a few contacts to help me move on but wondered if anyone has a draft ROI contract as I'd like to do it properly? Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. Regards
  9. About an hour or two, I bought some dust sheets with an adhesive edge from toolstation. About £6.00 I masked : The Bath the rest of the bathroom was only first fixed All windows internally Front Door Back Door Electrical meter A few switches and sockets Only one room had arcs & skirts which I did not mask to be honest. I just painted over the over spray with eggshell later and it looked fine No rads were installed at this time but would be easy to bag up and spray around The rest of the house was bare plas
  10. I live in Blackpool and investing in west Lancashire. Still learning the trade one skip at a time :)
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