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  1. Hi Simon, Thanks for your response, any help you could give to a provider that I could approach for a mortgage would be greatly received. I have just spoken to Vida home loans and they have said that they would but a floating charge over the company which I do not like the sound of. What providers would you recommend? Thanks James
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with a mortgage. I have a limited company where the primary SIC code is dealing in finance and insurance (66220). I would like to purchase a property through the use of a BTL mortgage through my company but I am struggling to find a provider where I meet their lending criteria. They deem that my limited company is not suitable to lend to due to my SIC original activities. In a way to get round this I added the SIC code 68209 to my firm but they don’t seem to be buying this and are asking that I set up a separate SPV firm. I do not really want to
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