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    I’m a Freelance IT contractor live and work in London. I have a property privately rented in London.
    I have created a Limited company with aim of BTL Investment up north rental hotspots
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    BTL Flats, houses with good yield and growth areas
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    Long term investment in BTL Property achieving good yield and growth. Goal is to be earning good rental income in next 5 years which can cover my monthly outgoings £3500 a month on rainy day if I’m out if a job.
  • Interests outside property
    Football, gym, running, travelling,

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  1. Hi Nick I am looking to invest in Manchester for good rental yield and growth areas any advice / tips would be appreciated as I am a new into property investment in the north thanks Josh
  2. Hi all, I am new here. I want to start property investment up north. I am from London and looking to invest in BTL property with leverage Strategy every 2/3 years. I have created an SPV Limited company. I need help with good areas eg Manchester liverpool but also need help with finding properties which which don’t require much work and be able to give to management agents to rent to professionals straight away as I don’t have time because i am working full time. I have an initial deposit of £25k and looking around £80-£100K budget with good rental yield and also good capital growth so tha
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