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  1. Hi, I am looking for reputable Sourcers who operates in South Wales area. I am looking to invest using the BRR model. If you know of any Sourcers or perhaps know someone who used one please DM me. Thank you Michael
  2. Hi Adam, I will be also looking to use the equity on BTL investments. Would you happen to know of anyone who used second charge lender and what rates they achieved? Am I assuming right that they will go up to 75% LTV? Thanks
  3. Hi gents, just seen your posts. I am looking in the Nottingham / Leicester area for the properties which needs adding value to. May I ask why you have chosen the Leicester? I live in London and this falls to the driving distance, easier to do the viewings and check on builders. Would be interested to hear your reasons. Thanks Michael
  4. Great Podcast and it is inline with my 5 years plan. I would like to find out more from Dan, how do I get hold of him? Michael
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