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  1. I had this exact thing happen to me last month from new tenants moving in, they asked if they could paint a few walls grey (all walls are currently white). My answer has been 'We can discuss this after 6 months have passed'. Reason? I'd rather see that they pay their rent, cause no issues and with COVID still around, they intend on staying in the property long-term. After 6 months, I'd be happy for the to decorate a few walls grey, as long as I have approved the colours before hand and the work is to a good quality. If not, I'd charge them out the deposit for it to be rectified.
  2. I can't help but agree with you, I bought a 2 bed semi in Long Eaton (still technically Nottingham) back in Feb (just before COVID) and its risen by at least 4-5% in 6 months. I feel it may dip after Christmas due to the job losses but with the 95% mortgages, they can only go up. Increased demand, increased borrowing and increased desire due to being locked in for 12months.
  3. Thanks for that Dino. I think i'lll save it up until around 10k and then invest the rest As for investments, Im looking at vanguard life-strategy. Seems a good one.
  4. Hi Adam, I recently had my property refurbished in York. This was a 2 bedroom house and like you mentioned a minor refurb, so no major structural work etc. Full carpets up and down + fitting. £1400. (5.99-6.99£ per SQM) including vinyl for bathroom + kitchen. Decorating costs were roughly £200 without any labour costs, as we did this ourselves, but we were quoted roughly 2k for the whole house (1 weeks work). Kitchen + bathroom was fitted before refurb, however, kitchen was roughly 3500-4k all in inc dishwasher, fridge/freezer and extractor. (separate ove
  5. Hello, A quick one really, I couldn't see any topics on this in search. But what is the recommended amount of contingency funds? I currently have a rented out property, Est. Value £200k, which has been 90% refurbed over the last 5 years and current has tenants in. However, I'm wondering at what point of leaving the rent to pile up can I take money out to re-invest elsewhere? I don't want to leave myself without money should anything go wrong, however, I get next to no returns on the "float" money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks Richard, Its more a money situation, I don't want to burn through cash if it can wait 6-12 months. Realistically it depends on the cost of getting the damp sorted, but we'll see. The current boiler is a combi, so it would be roughly 1600 for a replacement, preferably an ideal with 7-10 year warranty. not too bad but again if I can free up more cashflow, that's ideal too (pun intended)
  7. Thank you for that, I've decided to keep the property I was left rather than sell and buy elsewhere. I still have a lot of learning to do, however I have got it managed with an agent at 12% inc vat. fully managed. about 2 months away from it being rentable (few things here any there) and then it'll be in there hands. I've looked at insurances and home-care covers, any there any recommendations? Thanks, John
  8. Hello, So I have a property at the moment thats recently been refurbished (carpets, kitchen, bathroom, paint all the walls etc) but I've noticed that theres a damp problem near the back wall, nothing major but its there. Firstly I'm wondering whether I should get it done before a Tennant moves in, or wait until they're in the property? (then I have more rental income). Secondly, the boiler in the property is working fine, but its old, about 14 years. Im wondering if its worth replacing it now or if I should wait until it does go? which is likely in the next
  9. Sorry chaps, I'm finishing my Masters dissertation at the moment and its taken up quite a lot of my time. Thanks all for the advice though! I am going to continue to read/learn when this is finished and look at my options. do you think a mortgage advisor would be worth the money? Buy-to-let seems a viable option, but again I don't want to rush it and get into troubles. I'm currently in the Yorkshire area, if that helps. John
  10. Hi John here, I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding property in general to see if its something which would make financial sense. I've looked at it in the past however with lack of funds it hasn't been viable. Recently I have come into some inheritance due to a family member passing away and instead of spending it, I would like to invest it into something that will continue to grow. Little about me - 24 Years old, Salary 20-25k, Lump Sum £125k. What I'm Looking for - - Should I invest in a house or flat?, I unders
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