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  1. Hi all, I'm on my first BTL property search and although I live in South London, I have my heart set on Manchester/Greater Manchester area considering the current rise and trend. I'm looking for a 2 bed apartment or house in an area with strong fundamentals and growth prospects. My focus will be in having standard lets to tenants with families so I'm not looking for a student let property (although I know it does have a lot of potential there due to the universities). Since, it's my first property and away from home location, i have decided to keep everything else as bog standard. I would be highly obliged if anyone of you can help/guide me in identifying any potential area/streets or postcodes. I'm looking more from a capital growth than high yield so more of a long term vision. Would appreciate any help. Regards Shefali
  2. Hi All, I and my husband are newbies into the property market. I have been going through the podcasts and the website in great detail and absolutely love it. We are both looking to buy a BTL property through our LTD company this year and are now in the stage of confirming the viability of a mortgage with lenders and an agreement in principle before we start searching full on. We would like to do this via a good mortgage broker and hence, looking for any recommendations for them here. We are based in Surrey so any one close would be great to have a personal chat. If not, happy to have someone anywhere in UK as long as they are accessible and can provide a good service Thanks Shefali
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