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  1. Hello Alex, It did not happen in the end as it was easier for them to do a straight sale for less money but quickly. I have not given up on the idea as two letters going out next week are going to be suggesting "Assisted sale" to owners of abandoned properties. What is your situation? All the best, Andy D.
  2. Hello, I have taken tenants in-situ before. I did stipulate that the sale would only complete once the tenant had passed credit checks, referencing and had signed a new AST with me. In effect, he was applying for his flat that he already had but the vendor was the one driving the tenant to complete the paperwork. The tenant has been good until now and stopped paying due to Covid-19 but I see that as a separate issue. As long as you carry out your due diligence as you would with any tenant you should be fine. As has already been said, if it does not feel right don't sign. Never be in
  3. I have tried MileIQ as suggested by the Robs and was very impressed with it at first. However, not long after I started using it it started to ignore journeys and then started to wipe out weeks worth of trips. I removed it and then re-installed it and it worked just fine for a few days but then started to remove or not record journeys. When it worked I really liked it.
  4. Dear All, Sorry about that, more haste, less speed. i have found a property where unfortunately the owner is no longer with us. Through searching Land Registry I discovered that the local Council have a charge on the property although after contacting them they seem unsure why that is. I have managed to find the solicitors handling the estate and emailed them a couple of times now. Having not received a reply in a couple of weeks I decided to ring them. I was pretty much “stonewalled” and the only thing I could get confirmed was that they had received my emails but they
  5. Probate, solicitor, deceased estate
  6. I am in discussion with a deceased estate. The grand daughter is taking the lead and has rejected my initial offer. I have suggested an assisted sale in order to increase their return and make some money for myself by managing and financing the re-furb. I have not done this before (an assisted sale) and want to safeguard my investment should this appeal to them. I have the weekend before I am expecting a reply but wish to know about other people's experiences before I become committed to the deal. I know how easy it is to talk yourself into the idea that it is a good deal.
  7. Hello Steve K, I would also be interested in details of your approach as I have looked at a few deceased estates in the last couple of months. It always is useful to draw from someone else's experiences. Best regards, Andy D.
  8. Hello John, Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thank you for your advice. I am based in Southern Hampshire and have some but I know limited knowledge of this process. I believe that I am going to struggle to get someone else to project manage for me on the first couple of projects due to them being smaller at first. Regards, Andy
  9. Hello Rob, I have only just started looking through the forum topics proerly. I have read Richard's comments and wondered how your investor pack has progressed? All the best, Andy
  10. Hello John, It is a shame you are not a bit closer to me as you sound like just the help I am after. I am looking for my first of what I hope will be a steady stream of "flips" over the next five years. I have experience of property (I am not an expert) through refurbishing my own houses to finance our BTLs. I am now at a point where I no longer wish to re-finance to expand (so she has told me) and want to BTS. Whilst I have a good relationship with my local Estate Agents, Letting Agents and a few trusted contractors, I still have my own "full time" job. I want to mange the work bu
  11. Hello Andy, Did you get any further with finding a business plan to suit your needs? I am struggling with the same issue myself. All the best, Andy
  12. Hello Sam, I am equally willing to look over your numbers. I have several BTLs and I am just branching out ino "flips". Whilst I do not have experience of "flips" at the time of typing, I am very actively putting together offers based on quotes and all the necessary due diligence. Keep going, Andy
  13. My next step is to begin "flipping" and I have not found one yet that adds up. I have been looking for about three months and must have viewed at least a dozen. I was under the impression that you aim for 20% or move on.
  14. Hello Andrew, Sorry, no advice as I am in a similar situation and will watch this post eagerly. Would it not be possible to re-finance at the new value and split from there? All the best, Andy
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