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  1. Hi folks I've had 3 tenants move out of properties of mine having kept the housing benefit /universal credit that was paid to them - total about 4k. I've been looking into taking them to court Is there any point though? They are all in receipt of benefits so probably don't have any money. If you win the court case and they don't pay it seems you can send sherrif officers but ultimately if they don't have any money you are unlikely to ever see anything. I don't think benefits can be seized. I'm based in Scotland. If anyone has had any experience i would be interested to hear about it. Thanks
  2. Cheers Tim I didn't know about that but I will look into it. I just called their previous landlord,who said she was fine. As well as oweing a couple of grand in rent the flat was left in a disgraceful condition. My flats aren't exactly in the most desirable of areas shall we say, so I'm realistic about the type of tenants I'm renting to,but this tenant was particularly bad. Constant lies and so on as well.
  3. Cheers Tim I'd be happy to openly snitch on them ! Just seems mad to me that tenants can potentially move from one place to the other with continuing rent arrears, but there be no repercussions in terms of their housing benefit. Douglas
  4. Hi I tenant has left my property with 3 months rent arrears They receive full housing benefit I take it I should report them to the council? Also what's to stop them staying somewhere else for say 6 months,building up arrears with the landlord but keeping the housing benefit for themselves ?does it ever catch up with them? Thanks
  5. Hi Leon thanks that's interesting to hear it from an engineer Yes the £500 was to do everything (except materials) and there was no VAT, just a cash payment and it does seem to be the going rate, which I've no problem paying, I was just curious about it The thing that I find a bit strange is that when I've used gas engineers before their Labour rate hasn't been £60 odd an hour, it's been about half that, say £30 an hour or £200 ish a day It's just when it comes to installing a new boiler the going rate for the labour seems to double. To me it seems a bit like a joiner charging you £25 an hour to hang doors one day and then the next day £50 an hour to fit a kitchen I wondered if the labour for fitting boilers was a bit more expensive because it's just more technical and could command a higher fee for that particular job Cheers
  6. You've missed it again Dino And never did I complain about paying. I'm happy to pay the going rate. I merely asked why a single shift from a gas engineer costs around £500 (when installing a boiler). Something which you tried to answer but couldn't.
  7. I won't install it because I don't know how to and it would be unsafe And no disrespect Dino but I think you're missing the point Cheers
  8. Tim that's all very well and I get what you are saying, but at the end of the day a boiler install is a days labour, so why 500? Vokera easiheat -£500, one of the cheapest boilers going, 5 year warranty , what's there not to like about that !
  9. Yeah the qualifications etc will add to the costs Although if you're paying a grand for a fuse board you're paying way too much !
  10. Yeah maybe is something like that Paul Because for other trades I tend to pay about £140 a day, but with a boiler install the costs seems to treble for a days work
  11. Cheers haf, yeah I know the price is about correct, question was more about why It works out around £50-65 an hour. Just seemed a lot for a trade to me.
  12. Hi folks was wondering if someone can tell me why boiler installs areso expensive Example, replace a combi, 1 day fairly straightforward, job, materials cost £600, total job cost of around £1000-£1100 So paying £400-£500 for Labour. I would have thought it would be about half that for the Labour. Is that just what gas engineers can command now? Thanks
  13. Cheers Richard He is just being difficult - doesn't want someone living above him. Fortunately I've since discovered that the walls are common and he can't stop me. Phew Thanks Douglas
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