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  1. Hi Craig, What areas of Kirkcaldy are you investing in and what type of properties? Any chance you could share a bit more details on your experience. I live in Aberdeen and I think the market is still struggling to recover from the downturn a few years ago and property prices are still dropping due to that and significant number of new build homes coming to market at very competitive prices. The rental market around the city centre is AB10, AB24 and AB25 are still strong though the rental income is not as high as it’s used to but returns are still decent. I don’t advise to inv
  2. Hi, Godd to hear of your success story. Where was the HMO located and was is rented out to students or professionals? What were the issues you noticed with the refurb that made you to sell ? would it have cost so much to rectify the issues observed instead of selling the property? I take it that you had a short term objective of achieving a good return on capital than rental income over a long term?
  3. Hi Moore, Not that I'm an experienced investor myself, still a newbie. I & my partner recently bought a 3 bed flat in Aberdeen at around 20% BMV in December 2017. The flat below sold for £240k in August 2017 and others in the area were selling around £250k mark. Both flats (ours and the one below) were taken as part exchange from the developer from the previous owners so the developer was willing to sell on quick and at a discount. The flat was 5 years old and still in pristine condition and no money was spent on any renovations except for general cleaning etc I liv
  4. Hi All, Newbie from Aberdeen (or based in Aberdeen ). Have been watching “Homes under the Hammer” for over a decade and wondering when I’ll take the leap of faith. My BTL Journey began in December 2017, when I spotted an opportunity to buy a BMV 3 bed flat taken by a developer as a part exchange from my neighbor and discounted by almost £50K based on valuation. 2 bed flats in the area was over £25K higher and 3 beds around £40-50k sold prices so I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss and with a mate of mine we put in an offer for £200k and was accepted. We both p
  5. Yes I have done exactly what you've described except that 'm resident in the city I was letting out. Try https://www.openrent.co.uk for a small fee your property can be listed on Rightmove, gumtree and other websites and they send you details of prospective tenants who will be forwarded to your friend. or https://www.theonlinelettingagents.co.uk/ will prepare the contracts as well. All the best!
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