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  1. Hi I'm wondering does anyone invest in Doncaster family lets? Ashley
  2. Hi I am interested in the Ladywell Development in Mars Drive, Wellingborough. I understand the site was historically a factory and there are bats. Without going through the legal searches, would anyone happen to know the nature of the factory e.g. what factory was that? In addition if there is any tree preservation order, and contamination issue in the estate? Ashley
  3. I am seeking family let opportunities in Wellingborough and found Linda Summerfield's comments on Wellingborough very helpful. While the asking prices have gone up considerably, I'm wondering if anyone can advise on the current rental demand for 3 bdrs. I've contacted a few local agents and am not getting any responses. Does anyone have recommendations for a builder? The properties which are of interest require considerable works e.g. change in kitchen, toilets, carpets, repaint?
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