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  1. Hey, congrats on taking the first step into property investment. I have a few BTLs in Bristol and Nottingham, and am considering looking for something in Liverpool soon.. and my girlfriend is in the process of buying a BTL in Liverpool. She's found a 3 bed house with a 7% approx yield. We've done a fair bit of research so far, but I'm also still quite new to the investment possibilities of Liverpool. From what I can tell Liverpool prices has shot up quite quickly in the past few years, but theres probably still a lot of legs left to its market, and there does seem to be lots of attractive deal
  2. Hi hubbers, my girlfriend and I are looking to invest in Liverpool and have viewed a couple of houses in Anfield that looked promising and would like some advice from locals or investors with Liverpool experience. We're researching into 2 or 3 bed houses around the 100k mark. We've heard about the Anfield regeneration taking place, but is Anfield potentially still an investment area to avoid? Looking forward to hearing any thoughts, cheers Hugh
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