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    Haven't started yet, no limit really
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    I have my own architectural practice based in London and I've just started sourcing for one client. I'm enjoying it very much so it would be great to expand this side of business as well. I'm interested in
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    HMOs, land purchases, property flipping
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    Architect (feasibility, design, planning, tender, construction), property sourcing, design and build
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    I want to become an architect-developer and specialise in residential development of small sites
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    Travelling, cooking and self-development

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  1. Hi Charlie, Where are you based? I'm afraid I'm not sure what RMP is exactly. I'm an architect and I'm working on a very exciting prefab housing project now, happy to have a chat with you! We want to supply single family houses with a build cost of less than 80,000 GBP for a 3 bed house (negotiating with the suppliers right now). We are obviously looking for land, we are mostly interested in South East, Dorset and such, but we are open to other locations as well. Would be great to talk a bit more. Thanks, Magda
  2. Hello, I'm looking for someone/company which could help me with sourcing for my client - we are interested in commercial (office) properties in home counties. As the radius of the search is now much bigger than what I used to do, I simply have not enough time to source them myself. I'm an architect, so I literally need info on the deal, ideally with some floorplans. All the assessment is done in-house. Let me know if you know anyone great, or if you're doing anything similar! Thank you, Magda
  3. Hi, you will always need planning permission for a change of use (I understand you want to convert commercial ground floor into residential?), and type of tenure doesn't affect it at all. As for leasehold flats, again, planning permission might be required depending on what kind of conversion we are talking about. Do you want to add some area (extension)? Then yes, you will need planning permission. Do you want to rearrange internal layout? No planning permission needed. Hope this helps, I'm an architect so always happy to have a chat. Magda
  4. Hello all, I'm based in London and I joined this forum to start investing in property myself - I am ultimately interested in becoming an architect-developer, building new housing on small sites. I would love to meet people interested in a similar area of investment, whether to exchange ideas or collaborate on projects. I'm also happy to help out with your deals if you need professional advice. Looking forward to learning a lot here!
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