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    I am a Chartered Builder so that helps on new builds and refurbs alike.
    I understand construction law /contracts.
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    I am looking at buying and flipping at the moment and and properties that fit my criteria for long term rentals then I hope to add to my portfolio.
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    Family, lacrosse, reading and running

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  1. Hi if you want to give me a call, I can help you find a team ian 07834689668
  2. Hi Toby my initial impression is that 1. There is not egnough profit on the numbers when you consider all fees/ refurb costs etc etc 2 . Brinnington is a strange area and I would say that anything over a 100k on a sale in this area is good result. 3. If you still want a punt then I would work back from a sale price of 105k and see what that makes your offer. i run my own construction business and invest pretty much full time on buy to flips in east Manchester, After ALL ( and I mean all ) costs I’d be looking for 15-20k profit. ( but I do it full time)
  3. Hi Andrew, I live and invest ( mainly flips but I am slowly changing my stratergy to keep the odd property) in the Manchester area. i am in the lucky/ unlucky position depending on your view, of running my own construction business which concentrates on renovating my own properties. Depending on what your level of need is, I can help with contacts for your project. im not after any work please don’t think that’s why I responded. if you want to send me an email with some further information hopefully I can help. my email is
  4. Hi Guys, did you manage to get the contacts you wanted. im currently undertaking 2 buy to flips in and around Manchester? Ian Brierley 07834689668
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