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  1. Does anyone have a good insurance company that insures renovations. I have looked a couple and they are expensive. We need it for approx 4-6 months before we need to transfer it to another property. I have searched the forum and can’t seem to find anything. Thanks in advance.
  2. We are sinking under the amount of receipts we need to keep for our renovations. We need software that can store all our receipts for the accountant but also split them out into projects so we can track cost. There are loads out there but recommendations welcome. Thanks in advance.
  3. I agree any safety checks should be flagged up on the letting agents data base although I have a spreadsheet myself. I find they charge a higher rate for work but I get 24-7 call line so don’t get called out at 2 in the morning for a dripping tap. We have an agreement that any maintenance is run through us first as I do quite a bit myself. It’s a great way to keep an eye on the property. I don’t let them know who I am. Just the handy man. The letting agent tells us a little about each person wanting to rent and we have the final choice on who moves in. As said before data protection is quite a big thing now. I have found a great letting agent who also inform us when some come up for sale. 8-10 % is quite normal for fees I find in our area. Good look
  4. I was in the car yesterday for a couple of hours So decided to re listen to a few older podcasts. They are always relevant. This one struck a cord with me. This month and today we have completed on two properties. One last week and one today. One of them has taken from the 4th Jan to complete. (Another story and podcast reference why do solicitors take so long). It struck me that my wife and I take the long game and are patient with out property journey however when we buy properties we never tell anyone. Just quietly move along. When asked how many we have I always say 4 out of embarrassment or not wanting to show off. We drive a 12 year old car and a 6 year old car and don’t show off our wealth. Not on social media photographing our next set of keys. Just plod along I understand some need to be public for investment. What do others do. Love the pod casts Keep safe everyone.
  5. Excel would be the easiest way to start. Note down all the things you need to do and colour code them to who is doing it. You subcontractor etc. Put them in order. You can’t paint before you plaster. Then attach days to it and you have your programme. It can seem very daunting at first So much to do you go around in circles then loose enthusiasm. I tend to group items together and partially work top down when I am putting back so the upstairs are always finished before downstairs. It does get easier. I ran ultra marathons a few years ago and was in difficulty with one race. An older man came past me and said just keep moving forward and you will finish. Apply this to the renovation. Do a little bit every week and it will get finished. Good luck
  6. Don’t go with vokera if you live away. They are ok boilers for a few years. Go for W Bosch 10 year Warranty if fitted by an approved installer. Hot water demand is what will limit your boiler size and again water pressure and flow will determine this for you
  7. We have bought a couple with cash then put a mortgage on it but the mortgage companies seem to like you to own it more than 6 months before the financing. Just my experience and got a bit caught out the first time.
  8. We have dropped a letter thanks and knocked on a few doors. We know it’s a lady no relatives and wants to leave it to the church but at this rate it will be worth less in a couple of years as the trees will bury it.
  9. Hi we are looking to find who owns an empty property. We have done the knock on next door. Contacted land registry. We have searched the indexes for titles for the provided property and have been unable to locate any titles with the details you provided on your application. And come up blank. What other course of action could we take to locate an owner. Regards.
  10. If you are within driving distance of Derbyshire drop me a line I have three to renovate. One is dire and had smoke damage. One is a quick kitchen tidy and out to rent and one is in the middle There is loads to learn on.
  11. Look at dry zone for the DPC rather than hack the plaster off unless it’s de bonded. I like the idea of zero rent for a month or low rent
  12. With the floor being out that much the building has def moved. Scary one Hope you have deep pockets. Not sure if that’s an upstairs floor or downstairs and if it’s a solid floor. It needs to come at the right price as you are about to spend a heap of money levelling everything up and stopping it moving further. If you are serious. 100% get an engineers advice.
  13. Gumtree. Facebook eBay. It will save on skips at £200 a time
  14. I am an engineer not a structural engineer so this is just my opinion. The vertical crack above the window is likely to be a plasterboard joint fail but without tapping on it who knows may be solid plaster On newer buildings a horizontal crack indicates the wall ties have moved or corroded but as this is an old house its unlikely to have metal ties. Possibly no scratch coat on the render and they just lathered it on over time water has got into the weak point by the window and blown the render So I would get the survey done if you are nervous or don’t have the budget to fix a likely problem . Then you know EXACTLY where you stand, may even get the house sale price down.a bit if you find something. Lovely project though
  15. As above is good advice. I had this problem in a cottage we own not a let. Winter time was a nightmare. Basic being I didn’t ventilate correctly and areas of the cottage became wetter. Solution PIV fan. Positive ventilation fan. From envirovent. Worth every penny. Within 2 weeks we started to see a difference and now some 5 years later there is never any damp and the house is warmer and costs less to heat. Well with a look. Try to find the root cause first though. Good luck
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