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    Camden, London
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    My area of interest is the East Kent coast where I have family and can be often found trawling the estate agents. I have properties in Whitstable and Herne Bay, just at the simple single-let stage at the moment. Would love to talk to like-minded investors with a good knowledge of the market in the region.
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    Two BTL properties in and a shelf full of books read but still very much a beginner as far as the industry is concerned I'm afraid!
  • My goals
    10 properties by the time I'm 40.
  • Interests outside property
    I have already had a long career in Radio, presenting on London/National Radio stations since 2000.
    Spending loads of time learning German at the moment.
    Other interests include Cricket, running and... Morrissey!
  1. Thanks Kieran, I have been advided twice over by the estate agent that he is on an absolutely standard AST contract with a two month notice period which is ongoing. They actually had the contract sent over and have seen it. I still have trouble believing them considering hes been there 25 years and seemed, how should we say, very confident of not going anywhere when we met. I have passed it on to my solicitor. I am away at the moment, but should find out the results in the next few days so will let you know! Steve
  2. Thanks for your help. That website was very useful Luise, though it didnt produce quite the results I was looking for. It came out that he is paying pretty much exactly what he is due. He is unemployed and on disablity allowance so I assume what I'm seeing is a set figure? Like I said, this area is completely new to me so I'm learning as I go. Kylie, I suppose like you, I will seek my letting agents advice and if the purchase goes through let them deal with the set up. I am still waiting on confirmation on the terms of the tenants contract (with the fact that hes been there many ma
  3. Hi All, My first post despite this forum being among my first ports of call every morning! I currently have two BTL properties but am still very much a beginner, reading and learning as much as possible. It looks as though I am about to have an offer accepted on my third BTL. It is a low-end one bed flat which I put in an offer for well BMV. The current tenant has been there for a mighty 25 years! This set alarm bells ringing as regards what kind of a contract he is on. However, it appears to be a standard periodic AST agreement with a two months notice period rather than the scary
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