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    Self-employed courier trying to graft my way to financial freedom!
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    BTLs, Serviced Accommodation (but that's just today, tomorrow it could be HMOs or flips!!)
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    I like to think I know Birmingham very well so please ask me anything Birmingham-related and I'll do my best to help you
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    We know that four BTL properties will make us financially free - two down, two to go. We'll reach that goal and then make another goal after that!
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    Big cricket fan. Music documentaries are my favourite way of passing the time - I'd like to make one one day.

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  1. Wentworth and Rose letted our first BTL and got us loads more than what we expected. We then asked them to sell our house in Moseley and again they got us loads more that what we expected. They're ballsy and Katie who runs it is a super human-being! (No ulterior motive as I have no affiliation to them other than them being our go-to-agents) http://www.wentworthandrose.co.uk/
  2. With a budget like £300k I'd try somewhere like Kings Heath or Moseley. Young families, post-grads, bohemian, loads of cool restaurants, bars and shops. HMO could be the way to go. Good luck!
  3. Hi guys. I've noticed there are a few people mentioning Birmingham as a potential investment location. This is where my BTLs are and I was bought up in the city, too, so I thought I'd give some advice on specific areas. Depending on your budget, the Jewellery Quarter would be a great place to buy, properties can be expensive but you get excellent rental as there's such a thriving business environment around there, plus there's a train station, loads of lovely pubs, restaurants and shops. There are mainly flats/apartments in beautiful old converted factories and on other industrial sites.
  4. Hi Paul, I'm so sorry that I never got back to you - thanks so much for the reply. I left the Hub and didn't return for a while! Yeah, this plan went down like a lead balloon, I'm sticking to BTLs I reckon. Thanks again Paul and sorry for my ignorance! Dave
  5. Hello hubbers! I love this place, makes me feel at home. So I have a quick question... The two rentals we have are in mine and my wife's joint names. How does the stamp duty now work here? If we were to sell those houses to a brand new LTD co. would we not have to pay tax on the first property or does owning the limited company still essentially mean it's a second home of our own where we'd need to pay the duty? All the best to you all! Dave
  6. Hi guys, Could someone send this to me too please? reginald_perrins@hotmail.com This would be really helpful. Thank you! Dave P
  7. I’m looking into buying an ex-council block, knocking it down and then rebuilding as a stylish but affordable new set of flats/apartments. It’s my first shot at developing this kind of thing. Financially I’m looking to bridge the lot over a two year period. Do we think this is wise? Or should I try and find funding elsewhere? I expect the cost will be £1.5m-£2m.
  8. Hello guys! Would really appreciate some advice here. I’ve found a beautiful three-bed we’d like to convert to a four-bed, install ensuites in each one and charge £500/m (including bills). I’m hoping to buy for £240k-£250k (around £80k bmv after refurbishment) but it will cost around £50k to refurb. I have around £150k to invest. Do you think a property of this ilk is a good place to start? The area is fantastic and there will be some serious growth. But still, is my money better invested in smaller single dwelling flats in the same area? After all at least £110k of my initial pot will be gone
  9. Hi all I'm delighted to have found Rob & Rob - like many others, in a round about way, 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' lead me here... I'd like to quickly brief you on where my wife and I are at... We fell upon our first buy-to-let after remortgaging our flat in Edgbaston and using the equity to put a deposit on a house. We bought the house in Moseley for £271k and have put another £60k into renovating it by remortgaging the flat and the house together after the 2 year fixed periods. We are now selling the house for £475k so have £215k to invest after we have paid
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