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  1. Good afternoon Richard, Thank you again for the advice and information, I shall attempt to apply this to my situation. Haha definitely not easy but I look forward to the challenge, patience is not my virtue. I hope to tell you some good news and that I am on my way to investing within the next year! Kind regards Stirling
  2. Hello Richard, Thank you very much for the response and for the attached articles, they were really well laid out and informative! I have written myself a set of goals both long term and short term but you are indeed correct mentioning my wife having an input on the decision making which we currently clash on I'm hoping some written down numbers will have more an impact than words. Thank you for streamlining my thought process. Kind regards Stirling
  3. Good morning all! I've come here hoping to get a bit of advice as a newbie to property investment but first need to tie up my own situation, so I'll jump right in. In 2014 I purchased our first home (a cottage) 2 bedroom. In 2015 my wife and I found out we were having a baby. Towards end of pregnancy we moved in with parents as wife needed extra help while I worked away at sea. We rented our property out. 2016 baby is born, I decided I need to progress my career and saved for further education within my field. I saved and passed all exams. 2017 2n
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