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  1. hi everyone, thanks a lot for the input! Best wishes from sunny Basel John
  2. Hi Tim, Sorry I didn’t get the chance to get back on the forum for a while. how was the meeting in Zurich? I couldn’t make it unfortunately. Any interesting tips? John
  3. Hi All, Does anyone have experience with expat mortgages? I am aware of Expat Liquid. I am based overseas in Switzerland and looking to buy property in the UK for investment purposes. Many thanks, John
  4. Hi All, I recently joined the Property Hub, and hugely impressed with the wealth of information available here. I am based in Switzerland (British national) and have begun to look at property in the UK for investment purposes. I am new to the area and seeking advice so will explore this website. First question: Does anyone have experience with end-to-end property management companies (manage the acquisition process, through to completion, manage the ownership of your property, including tenanting) ? Although there are additional costs, I can see some advantages,
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