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  1. My neighbours house is £20k higher on Zoopla in value, it’s a smaller house and cost less when it was built than my house back on 2005 but was purchased by the landlord from new. we are second owners and got a good price - £20k less than the first owners got it for from the builder. The algorithm doesn’t work and is a waste of time - in my opinion.
  2. Hi. My my understanding is that it would have been at the time of install. So might struggle to negotiate post offer - as that is what your offer price was based on. Depends ds how motivated they are to Sell?
  3. Hi. Thank you for the reply. The quote was "Britain is on course for a recession in 2019, a year before the general election. The crash will not happen before then because politicians and central bankers will appear not to lose their nerves." So maybe Fred has been Mis-quoted?
  4. Thanks for the replies. In the end the developer wanted £120k and wouldn't budge. The works required made the deal not worthwhile so I walked away. although oddly it has just sold so will be checking land reg In a few months. Whoever purchased it paid well over the odds. Ryan.
  5. I have found an article whilst researching the 18 year property cycle - from the guardian in January 2016. Scroll down the article and Fred predicts a crash in 2019 - now does he mean a wobble or is he saying the 18 year property cycle is redundant?? i don't know why he said the word crash when his model says a wobble?!? any thoughts?? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jan/29/heading-for-a-crash-global-economic-meltdown-panel-repeat-2008-china-slowdown Ryan.
  6. I am viewing a 2 bed terrace house that was sold to the developer and the occupants have moved to one of their new homes. The house is up for sale at £125k and has been on the market since March 2017 - prior to the owners moving out - it became the developers house in June 2017. The developer purchased the house as per land registry for £120,000. The house sold in the boom of 2007 for £115,000 Based on the fact I have finance in place and mortgage - how low is too low???? My view is anything below £115,000 is okay but I want a good deal an
  7. Hi all. I am trying to understand the figures relating to my situation and thought maybe a kind sole might take pity and be more savvy to advise whether it's feasible or I'm dreaming. If I miss any figures out to do the calculations then please say. The scenario I am exploring is = move to a more expensive house and keep my existing house to rent out. I think the figures don't work. It would welcome another pair of eyes. Current property. Purchased 2014 for £183,000 current mortgage balance of £126,500 fixed rate ends M
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