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  1. Hi Its is highly dependant on the materials you use and the standard of finish you decide to go for. The cost could fluctuate from £1500 to £3000+ per m2 For budgeting purposes I would work on £1750 to £2250 per m2. As a rough guide to a breakdown would be something like the below. Again this depends on your choice of materials, number of bathrooms, build complexity, size of kitchen etc.. Superstructure 25% Windows & Doors 10% Foundations 9% Contingency 7.5% External Cladding 6% Landscaping 6% Plumbing & Heating 6% Plaster & S
  2. Hi Luke, I grew up in Rothwell and worked in Leeds for a number of years. Areas such as Tingley, Stanley, Lofthouse, Ardsley, Outwood, Carlton, Robin Hood, Oulton, Woodlesford are all decent locations. Essentially if you follow Leeds / Wakefield Road from Wakefield into Leeds (this is covered by the 110 bus route and has a number of train stations along the route) Places such as Middleton, Belle Isle, Osset, Wrenthorpe are cheaper but less desirable. I rented my old house out in Rothwell, which I sold a few years back. This area is quite desirable which does mean prices were inc
  3. Produce a scope of works and be specific about what you want the contractors to price. The more detailed you are at this stage the less price fluctuation you will have. For example if you are dealing with a Electrician dont just ask for new sockets, define the number of sockets and which rooms they are located in. As Alastiar quite rightly pointed out - If you buy the materials yourself you will need to co-ordinate the deliveries and take the risk if something is late. In my opinion I would always prefer the contractor to provide their own materials. The saving is generally not worth the
  4. What are your top 5 items of criteria when valuing a property? What are your top 5 things (in terms of rennovation / improvements) which should be done to achieve best value?
  5. Hi Patryk I would be interested in discussing further. I'm based in South Lanarkshire. I'm mostly looking for BMV properties where I can add value and flip or refinance if I can get most of my money back out. Send me a message if you think that might work for you Cheers Ryan
  6. Hi Anil Try here - Top 10 Limited Company Buy to Let Mortgages - LTD BTL Mortgage | money.co.uk Also try Cyborg Finance Best Regards Ryan
  7. Hi Georgie Just some additional points to what Evolution Blogger noted; Tradespeople/builders in Nottingham - Most towns will have there own local newspaper or magazine. They will often have advertisements for local trades people. You can generally pick up these publications in the local newsagents. Mortgage broker (ideally specialising in funding for property investments) - Try Cyborg Finance Property Sourcer - Stay clear. Not manage to find a decent one yet! Tax advisor/accountant - I would definitely advise on setting up a few meetings with some local ones. I met my
  8. The dream - Private Islands for sale - Private Island off the coast of Shetland - Great Britain - Europe: Atlantic (vladi-private-islands.de) I am not quite sure the ROI would stack up against the rental of a few cottages!
  9. Books Money - Rob Moore Black Box Thinking - Matthew Syed First Man In - Ant Middleton Podcasts We Study Billionaires The Joe Wicks Podcast Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee TV / Youtube Take Us Home: Leeds United - Amazon (Sorry I am a Leeds United fan!) Its Ok To Be Smart - YouTube Down To Earth With Zac Efron - Netflix Tech / Apps Cam Scanner TV Show & Movie Tracker My Fitness Pal
  10. I can highly recommend "How to Day Trade for a Living" by Dr. Andrew Aziz Also if you are like me and struggle to read all the time I can recommend YouTube. There are 1000's of free useful videos out there
  11. It all depends what lifestyle you want. There is nothing wrong with being emersed in your work on site if you enjoy it? Personally I don't want a regular 9 to 5 job. I don't want to work to retire either. I would prefer to have something that is sustainable to work past a regular retirement age and allows some freedom to travel. I wouldn't be able to do everything the book recommends but I have certainly taken some ideas from it. Its definitely worth a read.
  12. Hi Daniel-john, Hopefully the time spent planning will pay off! Initially I will run them side by side. There is always the option of freelance work (which I am doing at the moment) which is giving me some continued income whilst allowing some free time to work on the property side of things. The downside of continuing to do the QS work is that it can take up most of my time. The upside is it can be quite useful as it has allowed me to build up a good network of contacts within the construction industry which will be helpful for when I progress onto the larger renovations and new bui
  13. Hi Calum, Do you have a type of property in mind and an idea of value? If you take a property costing £50k with 25% deposit (assuming you are looking at BTL) you would need £12.5k plus fees say another 10% plus renovation costs (if required) before you know it you would be looking at circa £20k You will see a lot of offers of "no money down" but personally I would steer clear of them. Have a listen to Property Hub Podcast Episode 137 - How much money do you need to invest in property? | Property Hub Best of Luck Ryan
  14. Hi Matt, The best advice I can give you....get yourself an accountant / tax advisor. This was the first thing I did. As Vineet suggested you may be able to develop 1 or 2 properties without the need for a company but at some point HMRC will be in touch! Yes you can go online and set up a company yourself for less then £20 but it is worth paying a little more for a professional to do this for you. Also there are clever things you can do with a company in terms of directors loans, how you pay yourself and what profit your company declares each year. You seem to be in a good financ
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