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  1. I’m also interested in this from a demand point of view - is Liverpool getting saturated? Do all rooms need en-suites? Etc be great to hear how you get on
  2. Not bad - would love their details if you are happy to share !
  3. Think you have to keep phoning - also threat of getting private company involved to trace the water seems to help. I asked them if it was found to be their fault after all who I should send the bill to! Someone came the next day! I had to go to customer first office in Halifax in person - before lockdown. They were really helpful and printed the maps off the system. You can get water pipe maps from their surveyors online service think about 30 quid, but didn’t really help as not reliable apparently?
  4. Hi Nicholas, I’m in Yorkshire and had similar for 6 months with Yorkshire water. Call them and they’ll open a case file. Then they should come out and investigate, at first they tested mine, said it wasn’t chlorinated told me must be ground water case closed. I went to council offices to get pipe map and ground water map. No ground water. Called Yorkshire water back and said I was going to get a private company out / reopened case, retested water chlorinated so likely pipe/pressure / then covid hit, kept saying they’d get back to me. Three of my neighbours called, new case opened - came immed
  5. Hi Darren, thank you for sharing. I think you’ve done a tremendous job - you are clearly doing everything you can and with these kind of properties the rent should flow again quickly. Emma -RedTower props
  6. Agree with feedback re rental - as an investor I would look for 2 bed for that area/Wooburn green for not much more. As a first time buyer someone who wants to be in the area might appeal as they’d be priced out otherwise. It’s a tricky one as no tube and train from Beaconsfield is expensive. I used to drive to tube in Hillingdon from Beaconsfield in c 15-20 minutes and no problem parking - so if you have commuters interested that might help sell it. Hope you find a solution soon? Maybe when lockdown subsided you could look at corporate let or advertise in websites there? Hovis in high Wycombe
  7. I’m in process of buying 2 properties cash and having serious wobble now - what if I can’t get mortgages - does the BRR model not work in recession ?
  8. Hi I’ve been quoted £975 for removing blocked up fireplace opening and taking it to 6ft high, new lintel, and pointing the exposed brickwork. This includes skip and building control. The new opening will house the cooker. In Yorkshire. Does that sound fair or a bit toppy in price? Appreciate your feedback
  9. Thanks for answers will update My journal as I progress!
  10. I think it can be difficult once they’ve made up their minds - I’ve seen people put valuation packs together with before and after pics, receipt copies, and at least 5 local comparable properties. Have to be careful you don’t overpower/upset the valuer but can help, some people insist on being there too. Not sure post event if you could try sending it ? Hopefully someone has had this experience and can advise you?
  11. Hey I think your analysis is spot on - you’re after yield not capital growth, so depending on area, you absolutely would get more yield from more smaller homes. I’m doing the same and am being careful not to get the really cheap houses as the quality of tenants can be lower. I’m looking at mid areas where there are renters but also first time buyers so that I have a bit of capital growth/ exit strategy that does not rely on landlord purchasers. Also think about 5 boilers and 5 sets of maintenance when keeping a cash buffer. As an example in the north you could pick up a house for 60-80k, mortg
  12. Quick question - if I buy in limited company does the portfolio rule apply? If it does could I do 4 personal and 4 in limited co? Cheers, Emma
  13. Thanks Stuart, that’s really helpful advice, appreciate it.
  14. I have my own home with a mortgage and have savings. I have bought 3 properties cash and wish to rent them out once renovated - I have no regular income in the meantime, will I be able to get the btl mortgages? Thanks Emma
  15. Darren - I’ve watched your journey and it is phenomenal - when you don’t retire you could def write a book! I never understood the cash flow risk taking you did...until now! Instead if stopping at 2 I couldn’t help myself and bought a third! You start seeing opportunities everywhere!!! keep your the great work - and fab that you are taking some breaks as you are such a grafter .
  16. Hi, about to renovate an old house and will have had rewirwcso lots of rubble dust - plus stripping layers of lead paint off . Any recommendations on a comfortable dust mask - I get a bit claustrophobic in those things! Cheers emma
  17. HI Sacha totally agree with the above - I have a property near London that I have on the market - hoping it will sell then I’ll buy 80-100k investment properties up north if I can get the mortgages in time, and keep them for long term. Reading forums a lot of people think it’s a wobble - personally I’m bracing for a crash but won’t stop me looking up north for yield! Be keen to hear what others are thinking
  18. Hi Jase, what part of Yorkshire you in? I'm near halifax, not ready for a kitchen yet but might be in a few months! Emma
  19. Thanks Jase, yes he mentioned that and I,m going in on his first day on the job with a marker pen to mark up the walls with him! Sure we;ll have some mishaps (including the fact we have no kitchen or kitchen plan yet!!! but need to wire it !) will keep you posted !
  20. Hi guys thanks for your replies - sorry just seen a couple as didn’t get notifications! It’s now sorted - gone with a different guy, means I have to wait 4 weeks but 3,100 inc fire smoke alarms so feels about right! Craig / I’ve agreed a quote but always welcome sparky/plumber/plasterer details as got a lot more to do! Thanks ! Appreciate everyone’s time and responses - love the hub!
  21. My first flat was like this - good price but the solicitor warned me this would be a problem . It was! The guy downstairs tried to fix the drains himself which led to flooding, the girl upstairs had a roof leak, found the freeholder and started legals but caused her so much stress she sold up. The communal areas and hall were also ‘claimed’ by the ground floor flat who filled them with ornaments, buggies, toys! Still a good investment but was also a constant pain! Agree with the advice - would ask the people in block/vendor for details of previous shared repairs to see if they do collaborate!
  22. Hi i have been in a similar position - self employed for 2 years. I got consent to let on my current house and this allowed me to get a second residential mortgage up north with just 10% deposit. I used habito broker Halifax mortgage - painful process but they took 1 years accounting data. Now decided to sell main home if I can because we wouldn’t be coming back anyway and I want the funds to build up portfolio before I go to jv lending model. If it doesn’t sell will get best btl I can but hampers development plans! It’s tricky - capital growth is never guaranteed but 10-20 years likely t
  23. I’m just starting renovation up north near Halifax - I’ve had a quote of 4K to rewire 3 bed house which has basement to rewire too (over 4 floors) - contractor agreed to come down to 3.8k - feels a bit toppy to me? What do you think?
  24. Just see this thread - hopefully it was. I’m down the road in Beaconsfield and the market has really suffered - very flat and prices falling. Be great to hear how it went! Mine is going on market tomorrow?!
  25. Hi John, great position to be in - I’m not an expert but hopefully my reply will get more people posting for you!! The predictions going around about the north on the rise would suggest you’ll get yield and capital appreciation in Manchester - and one tenant out of three giving you trouble wouldn’t cripple your cash flow. Risk spreading. On the other hand London bounced back from recession much quicker than parts of the north and one tenant to deal with, if you get a good one could be a lot easier! Maybe some questions: Will you or family ever want to live in th
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